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  • I have reduced the dosage of zeolite and activated carbon, In the future, it will be adjusted according to the number of live rocks.

    I have replaced 90% of the zeolite and adjusted the total to 1L. I would add zeobac daily as you recommend. and regularly monitor water quality parameters....
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  • Thank you for your comments.
    I live in China, and the sea urchins commonly available here are Mespilia globulus and Diadema setosum (like the picture below). I already have a blue one, but it seems to be too few, I will buy a few more to supplement.
    I will adjust the dose from today as Jacky...
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  • Thank you so much.
    The amount of live rock in my fish tank feels a little too much. I'll adjust the live rock count and recalculate the doses as you said. I have BioMate and I will take the recommended dose to try it out.
    I confused Alk and K+, K+ is 400 in my aquarium, and I am constantly...
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  • Thank you for your reply
    I use ro/di and often test for tds of 0
    I open the tank according to the 14-day open tank method.
    I will reduce part of the dose because my friend said that the condition of the coral will be better if part of the dose is reduced. But his tank has been running...
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  • kingfro
    started a topic How can i control this algae

    How can i control this algae

    I have a lot of brown algae growing on my live rock, and my creatures basically don't eat them. Now there is a trend of longer and more. how to control them?

    I have Astraea haematraga 4, Turbo chinensis 70, Monetaria annulus 10, ****iodoris japonica 1, Sailfin 1, Regal Blue Tang 1 in...
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