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  • Hello Juan, let's keep the weekly water change at 15% for now. Based on your last post, I would expect the potassium level to be ~380mg, so that is optimal if the test kit result is correct. If in a week I will measure again to know the consumption.

    Today's medicion was 390mg
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  • Answer the questions when I signed up a while ago. The only thing that had not been measured for a long time was potassium, he began again to take weekly measurements in case it drops below 380...
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  • I have some more questions: Can you share some photos of the affected corals? Yes, it is a green tenuis, I have already cut the other affected piece because it had lost more tissue, the cuttings are all good. It was a desalwii

    Are all types of corals affected or just some? Only some, two...
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  • How big are the colonies? A span of 15cm, they can be shaded but the loss of tissue is in the center How often do you change your carbon RO? I change it annually, I only change the resins when the tds in the water rise from 1 Has the city changed its water supply to chloramine? No Do you live near Ohio?...
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  • juannnn
    started a topic Problem with acroporas

    Problem with acroporas

    I have been using the zeovit system for a few years with excellent results. I have been noticing for a long time that my acroporas are not well, in the last two weeks they have begun to have stn in the center of the piece (the largest and the ones I have had the longest, more than 3 years) all the parameters...
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