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  • Acropora Turaki on your website


    How often do you see this species of coral? I have never seen it around.. and was wondering how common it was in your area since you are in Cali. There's a reason why i am asking about this coral, but I have to be quiet about it.

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    Edward, it is an uncommon piece that comes in Cultured from Timor in Indonesia. 6-10 pieces land here in L.A. almost every week. It is a very nice bottlebrush acro with great color. PM if you have anymore secrets, I might have one to share with you..


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      Thanks Eric. I also saw some deep water corals that i think came from you. I dont see those around on websites anymore unless I am not looking in the right place.. They come dark and pale.. but when you put them in an aquarium, they color up nice!


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        I have a few deepwaters that have not been added to the site. I will try today or tomorrow. Send me an email for some pics.[email protected]