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  • New Warehouse & New Specials

    No, we have not disappeared! We have just been extremely busy building our own warehouse. We are very happy to announce that we have moved in and are now shipping out of our own 3,300 square foot facility. We are open for pickups by appointment only. Hopefully in July we'll have an official grand opening party at the warehouse.

    Please click on the link to see photos and get more details on our new place.

    Also, we have a few really great specials to offer our customers this month. One is our May Free Coral Special and the other is a new Frag special. See the following links to our specials and other great corals we have to offer.

    Thank you to all of our wonderful customers who have supported us over the past few months. You all make it a pleasure to do business every day.

    Chris and Kristine
    Reefer Madness

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    WOW!! Those pictures of your place are beautiful!! That is incredible! If I didnt know any better, I would think your place was a Wholesale place. Sure beats any LFS or coral selling place i know! Keep up the awesome work!! Sorry I cant order any corals right now as my 100g tank is full. Once my new 450g tank is up, we will talk again!


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      Chris/Kristine & Andy, agree, a very impressive warehouse Best to all of you with this state-of-the-art setup: Bob
      "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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        Wow that's so cool your own place finally, I cant wait to be able to see all those awesome corals in person.


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          We are going to be open to the public this Saturday, June 4th. If anyone is in the area please feel free to stop by. You can contact us for more info in regards to directions and hours if you are intersted.

          Reefer Madness


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            Kristine and Chris, congratulations on the new looks awesome.
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              wow c and k that looks great!!! congrats on all your hard work..