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    Here is a picture of the some new H&S Skimmers that arrived this week.
    Left side is A300 rated for 1000g
    Right side is A450 rated for 1800g

    They are sitting on top of a standard 55g tank for reference size

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    That is some nice gear

    How much do these go for?
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      Very nice, indeed. Brian is it true that Deltec is replacing their Eheim-modified pumps with AquaBee's on their skimmers? My experience with AquaBee's pumps[2] is only a few months & then they die :smash: Bob
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        Orion- MSRP is $4500
        18"diam 5 Eheim 1260's ~4500lph of air
        I have heard that Deltec is going to use some Aquabee's on larger skimmers, but I don't know if they are going to replace them.
        As for the Aquabee problems, what product did they come with, a Turboflotor? Aquabees have a very tight bearing tolerance, and the impeller shafts require a more frequent cleaning to keep them drag free. The Turboflotor issue's were a problem with how thge air was injuected along with a poor impeller design.
        Aquabee has pumps that up to 7000lph, so Deltec could be doing something with the Stronger pump? Don't know about that one.
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          Thnx. Brian, one was with the Turboflotor-1000 & the other came with my GroTech zeo-reactor, Bob
          "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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            Brian, Im curious about 1 thing, why are the 1262s not used as a recirculating pump in the larger skimmers? Any particular reasons?

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              Hi Brian, Do you have a pic of the needle wheel? I have a Eheim 1260 on my Grotech skimmer,great pump.


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                1262's offer no advantage over the 1260's/ The H&S 1260's have a larger diam intake than the off the shelf 1260's do. I experimented with a 1262 and there was no increase in bubble production.


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                  OMG I can't believe how SMALL the A300 looks, I guess everything is relative! Just for comparison here is what it looks like without a MONSTER next to it ...


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                    those are some nice looking skimmer, even tho i would think the 450 would look even better with a larger cup,


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                      Here is a Pic of the H&S needlewheel Impeller.

                      It would "look" better with a skimmer pot that is matched with the size of the body, but would add undue cost and serve no functional reason IMO.



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                        Very nice stuff Brian.

                        Thats very interesting about the Deltec products.

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                          Originally posted by Fins Reef
                          1262's offer no advantage over the 1260's/ The H&S 1260's have a larger diam intake than the off the shelf 1260's do. I experimented with a 1262 and there was no increase in bubble production.
                          The reason is that the 1260 and 1262 are really the same pump. Same impeller, same motor... except the intake diameter on the volute for the 1262 is larger to allow for more flow. Being that with needlewheels, we place a slight restriction on the intake anyways with a venturi or valve... the difference is nullified.

                          Now, the major difference between stock 1260/1262s and the needlewheel/threadwheel ones that ATI/H&S/Deltec use is the impeller of course (and buying a regular impeller from eheim to mod on your own is $80+, so even though its a dead easy impeller to mod yourself into a enkamat-wheel, its so expensive you might as well just cough up the $100 for the real deal). That, and the output diameter. This is a simple DIY though. See the stock thread on a 1262/1260 is 3/4", with the actual ID of the threads being just over an inch to begin with...

                          and there is a lip on the outside of the pump around the outlet...

                          So rather than do it like H&S and deltec, you can simply sand out the threads on the inside of the outlet, and bond a union to the outlet of the body on the outside. Then you have a 1"+ outlet on your eheim 1260/1262... which actually makes it more like a 1264 output wise.

                          The outlet diameter is a huge hurdle, and the reason why ATI is able to get 1800lph out of one of these, and H&S and Deltec get up to about 1000lph. W/o this enlarged outlet, the pumps output is capped at something like 900lph... no matter what.