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Sunday photo session :)

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  • Sunday photo session :)

    Time to post some pictures it’s a long time ago. Everybody enjoy your Sunday !


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    WOWIE Alexander, did you spray-paint those corals? :druggie: Just incredible colors, my friend Alexander, your reef gives all of us hope--I especially love that stag, flattening out at the top. Have you needed to prune the tops or do they just expand outward at the top? Thnx. for sharing Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      dream colours!

      nice pics


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        I think i see a spot where you could ise a coral. LOL
        JK VERY impressive tank!!! Man that is something to admire!!! Great job!
        180 mixed reef, extreme 40gal frag tank, 33 gal sump,30 gal fuge, profilux plus II controller,profilux doser, GEO 618 CA/RX tunze 6100's, BK 250 internal, 2 400watt halides, 4 blue plus t-5's on icecap ballast, I run GFO, and dose vodka,sugar, and vinigar with ammino acids, and use somewhat of the balling method.


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          GA!! Just amazing! Love the colors on your reef. Anymore pics? How about a full tank pic?

          The birdnest is amazing! got a full pic of it?

          Setup: 250G System, ATI Powermodul 10x80w T5s, 4x6100 Tunze Streams & 7095 MultiController, Deltec PF1000 CR, Deltec AP902 Skimmer, IKS, Zeovit, Artica 1Hp Chiller


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            Most impressive!



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              Just beautiful Alexander. Awesome tank. How about a full tank?
              Bob, IME the stags will flatten out once they reach the surface. They look really cool from the top. Bare skeleton with polyps around the edges. You can almost count the rings.

              265 gallon SPS tank. Bubble King 300 Internal, MRC CR-6 Calc Reactor. 3 400 watt 20k Helios. 90 gallon Frag tank plumbed into main display.


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                Wow Alexander that is just simply AMAZING! I get to look at your tank daily at the shop with the photos, I have them hung all over the shop, including the crapper hehe. I love to just look at the photos, They are AMAZING.

                If you would send me some updated photos I would take them to the photo mart here and get them blow up for the shows? Let me know and keep up the AMAZING work.


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                  are we in the same hobby???


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                    Bob, I never cut down the staghorn. The growth is freaky but I like it. I have observed since the branches reached the top, they just grow thicker:

                    Alex, you would not believe it how one can creative I am with optimize space, but it becomes harder

                    Farish, here is a picture from the birdsnest. Got it as a small fragment, not sure if it is a real hystrix:

                    Some LPS which also show good colour, growth and health in a nutrient poor environment:

                    Full tank shot & a picture from the top:

                    Some detail shots:

                    Scott, those filesizes are to high for a online transfer but I will pick you out some of the ones I like the most.

                    Tom, l think so



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                      ur tank is simply amazing!! now, i cant look at my tank))
                      thankx for sharing with us!!!!!



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                        Thanks Alexander! I can not wait, actually FTP them up to the server and name the folder ALEXANDER in all caps, I will just download them .

                        thanks again and keep up the killer work!



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                          The full tank shot from the top is my favorite.
                          It looks so very cleanless.
                          Great reefworks!!!

                          @Alexander,is the aqua science special on the run?



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                            Steffen, those are Narva Blue2 T5`s, the setup I was running 3 weeks ago. Now I have replaced two of the Blue2 with 2 ATI Aquabluespecial, showing a much more whiter light.



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                              Do you always have your lighting so high above the tank, or do you have it raised up for the pics? I take it that you dont need a chiller with that row of fans.awesome corals, and I love the it low iron glass?