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  • The Tonka Toy

    Hello all.

    I have been toying with the idea of a little frag tank.

    Well this weekend, the journey has begin.

    Dropped into my local reef shop and came out with the new tank. Not what I was expecting but the deal was far to good to ignore.

    Many thanks to Mr Jack.

    The Tonka Toy is a water box frag 55.2
    about 230 litres.

    I have some old Fiji rock out side I might play around with, but it early days, have to collet a few bits and pieces to get it up n running.
    They also threw in a 90w UFO led (second hand) but have worked out how to get into the program.

    My original idea was to run a 150 mh.
    and or T5.

    The sump I might change around, remove the. Auto top up area. Might get a little move volume in the sump.

    bet, I’ll be back and keep up dating what’s happening 😎

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    Whoops- can I edit pic ?
    Rotate ?


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      I wish you success in your new tank, and I am very happy to share it with us.


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        Good luck with your new project Nick and thank you for sharing 👍



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          ​​ Hi all,

          Thank you guys.

          First off I haven’t decided on what to do with the sump.
          - Basically I wanted to remove the ATO out and use a float ( gravity feed)

          - Or keep it as it is and use a ato system (float- sensor ,pump and controller)

          I have never used a ato system, with sensor/float and pump etc.

          and would like to know how reliable they are- not too keen on bouncing salinity.

          Available here are
          -reef breed ato (2 models)
          - coral box n50
          - tunze nano

          pic of sump
          1 standard with return pump
          2 change idea with return pump


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            This week I have been collecting a few things😃

            - Reactor
            - BM curve 5 skimmer (might be a bit big)
            - Jebao 3500Dc wifi pump
            ​- Sand (fancy French stuff lol) aquarium systems
            - wave maker ( it tiny - 8500lp)


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              It’s meant to be summer time here.
              But it’s raining
              just been playing around with some rock.
              nothing fancy.


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                Merry Christmas,

                just been pottering around this Xmas morning.

                Hams on the BBQ slowly smoking

                Tank - has been moved to its new spot.
                Levels been out and leveled out.

                Gave inside of the tank a wipe down of hydrogen peroxide-clean.

                - hopefully might get some plumbing connected today
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                  Merry Christmas Nick and have a good dinner with your family. The BBQ looks really tasty.



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                    Hey, thanks.

                    All the best to you and ur family also
                    Have a merry one

                    Got all the pipes out.
                    Hunted around for my silicon grease as all these fitting are “O” rings.
                    In the end I didn’t use the silicon grease.
                    The “O” rings and gaskets are very slippery there selfs. Cleans off my silicon grease off the first pipe and fitted them all.

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                      I’m very impressed with the pipe work.
                      very solid compare to my Redsea Reefer.

                      Well I added some sand
                      Done a water leak test in the overflow….. no leaks

                      Tested the return pump, Found that the power connection into the remote control had broken, broken in half- and looking at it, it’s a assembly fault- when they join the two housing together.
                      Out with the super glue.

                      pumps new jabao MDP-3500 smart Dc pump.

                      Liking this dual return nozzles.
                      might not need the wave maker


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                        This morning,

                        - rock added.
                        - zeo stone add and reactor (500ml)
                        - reactor flow set at 200lph
                        -skimmer ( fully open atm)
                        - heater

                        and that wet stuff.
                        salt water ( redsea blue bucket)

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                          I had one little Drip

                          off the return fitting ( underneath- sump compartment) there is a 19 mm plug and “0” ring.
                          - this is so you can run- feed other equipment.

                          out can the thread tape, a few rapes and all is good 👍

                          I was going to run the zeo reactor off this fitting. But in the end I use a pump I had lying around.
                          -will replace the pump, for a smaller model.
                          was I bit fiddlie getting the flow right for the reactor.
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                            Played around with the speed setting on the jebao pump.

                            28w - 3500lph spec

                            I’m running it 18w atm.

                            Regardless of decreasing or increasing the power,
                            the flow is very turbulent though the filer socks.

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                              I think it’s time to let the tank settle for the day.

                              To night, I’ll add

                              10ml zeobak
                              20ml zeostart3

                              Tomorrows plan
                              - Tunze Ato ( never use one of these )
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