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My 600L tank

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  • My 600L tank

    Full zeovit method
    Click image for larger version

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    Wonderful tank, thank you for sharing. Please tell us some more details about it (equipment, size, dosing, water parameters, size etc.)



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      I would also like to know more about this system, products used, skimmer, water flow, elements levels


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        It is a pity that I cannot personally watch this beautiful coral reef on site, which may be very spectacular, like it, thank you for sharing

        Share your precious experience and let us learn, thank you


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          hi everybody,
          my reef tank running zeovit almost 10 years from day1.
          tank size - 140X70X60 cm - about 600L
          korallen zucht skimmer , calcium reactor. 1.25 bag zeollite with 450L/H flow
          PO4 = 0 , NO3 = 0
          Ca = 410 , KH=7.0 , Mg=1310 , K=390
          zeo start 0.6X2 DAY
          zeo bac 6X2 WEEK
          bio mate 6x2 week
          zeo food 12X3 WEEK
          a balance 12ml X week
          b balance 9ml X 2 week
          k balance 6ml X day
          jod 6 X 2 week
          eisen 6 X 2 week
          kalium 6 X 2 week
          sponge 6 X 4 week
          f.w.s 3ml X 2 week
          coral snow 6ml 1 X week + bac , 1Xweek + biomate
          amino acid 6 2Xweek
          macro element 20 ml 1Xweek

          stylo pocci , acro glow and zeospur2 as needed.