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  • BioMate does support the process to decrease PO4 so you can dose 2 drops / 25 US gallons every other day for some time. Another alternative would be CoralSnow Plus or the Standard version to support getting rid of the algae.

    The ZeoVit material in a reactor does decrease nutrients also but it will take some time before you notice a decrease. If you like to give it a try I would recommend to start slow.

    For me it looks like your rocks do have some bound PO4 which is picked up from the algae directly from the surface or any of your supplements does contain elements which does increase their growth, especially iron.



    • I have stopped trace elements dosing as I was not satisfied it was making much difference to coral growth, measured by alkalinity consumption.

      i agree that phosphate is likely bound in rocks and directly feeding algae so much plan is to manually remove as it grows, changing filter socks the next morning to export any bits I have missed, while keeping nutrients low to avoid further growth.

      I am not considering a new zeo reactor but not sure still.

      I did run it before and it worked well but I am not sure the tank was much different then compared to now, if anything it’s better now much this may be due to tank maturity and other factors.


      • I have cleaned my skimmer this week as it has been performing poorly. It is a big improvement and the foam is back to its former glory.

        I also removed the basket of maxspect bio sphere media as it was taking up space, allow detritus to collect and it may have been working too well. I put half of the spheres under my filter sock where i already had some, and removed half from the system. I may remove more over tie but its ok for now and does not take up any useful space.

        This has given me a free section in the sump which i may use in future for frags or some LPS.

        This weeks water tests are
        alk - 8
        calcium - 420
        Magnesium - 1350
        Nitrate - 0

        Nitrate has been zero for a week now. i do not know what the phosphate level is so i will need to order a test kit refil this week. If it is also zero i may look to start adding aminos, zeofood or some other type of nourishment for the corals.

        I have noticed two corals appear to have batches in the centre where there is little or no PE and i am not sure on the issue. Perhaps someone can help. I do not believe there are any pests. These are two of my larger pieces and are the only two affected.


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          • Beside flatworms to less water flow or some kind of a crab are two further possibilities which come to my mind.



            • It is certainly a strange situation.

              I am also struggling with this turf algae. I have seen another thread from last year on here with a person considering the use of vibrant to combat the algae outbreak.

              I am tempted, as theproduct contains bacterial strains one of which may direct consume algaes in the tank. However i have not found any one use it with zeovit method.

              I have see others use it at the same time as using vodka which although is not the same, is still an organic carbon source.

              As quickly as i remove the algae it grows back. I have added more snails but even they struggle to keep up with its growth as it has got the upper hand.


              • I would try a urchin additional:




                • Interesting as this was the path I decided to take. I did not want to interfere with the bacterial colonies used by Zeovit so decided to avoid other products.

                  i will look for an urchin and another 5 snails while still manually removing algae every few days.


                  • I have ordered an urchin, the one in the first link. I may get another, one of each as they are different species.

                    As i will be heading to a fish store to collect, what do you think of Pohls xtra. or should i try amino acid first.


                    • Xra is a excellent product to improve coloration and growth in a nutrient poor system however as long as you have issues with these Algae I would not dose to much. The product does contain some amino acids also so it would be my first choice if I had to decide between XTra and AAHC:



                      • Thanks. Whilst collecting the urchin I will be getting some more snails. The ones I acquired last week are doing a good job but more horse power is needed.

                        Nutrients are zero, most likely due to algae, but I believe the algae is getting most of its nutrition from the rock.


                        • I managed to get an urchin, emerald crab and a mix of 12 snails. I hope they do a good job clearing up some algae. The emerald crab and urchin got to work straight away.

                          i also managed to get a phosphate test kit.
                          it was measured at 0.05. This may not represent my cirrect difure as I normally test in the morning before feeding. I will perform my usual weekly water tests on Sunday morning as I will be traveling early to collect what I hope is acropora gomezi.

                          I am happier that phosphate is 0.05 rather than zero as it means I have a benchmark to target.

                          any advice in lowering this level? Nitrates are zero so I have an imbalance. More fish?


                          • To slowly decrease the PO4 level I would try some things:

                            1. Check the ZeoVit reactor flow to make sure it is not to low

                            2. Adjust the skimmer to skim more wet, cleaning it daily to export as much as possible

                            3. Vacuum the sand regular while each water change

                            4. Dose ZeoBac every other day for a while

                            5. Dose BioMate @ 2 drops / 25 US gallons every other day for some time

                            6. Dose a adequate ZeoStart quantity