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    Alk drop of 0.3dkh over 3 days to 8.3. I will let it stay here for now.

    I have made a small change to the wave make pulse length to try and simulate the typical 7-10 second waves you would see on a reef front/flat.


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      Some coral pictures

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        My new dosing pump came this week and I fixed it in place. A small hole was put in the back of the cabinet to route a few power cables more neatly.

        The new dosing pump is a DD P4 Pro. which is made by Kamoer. It is WiFi so i can adjust my dose easily as consumption increases. It also allows you to set a quantity for a 1 time dose which makes manual adjustment simple. I tend to manually make up for any consumption drop a few times to ensure the fall in KH is consistent and not due to testing error.

        The mounting bracket fixes neatly to the cabinet and the doser clips in so there it looks neat and clean. It is also a very shallow unit which take very little space. The dosing lines are reduced from 4mm internal diameter to 3mm and precision of the dose it much higher, along with more reliable stepper motors.

        I doubt it will have a visible effect on the tank but it is one less thing to worry about.

        My kh dosing container is nearly empty so i will be mixing up a new batch. I have decided to switch to a more classic balling concentration to allow me to dose equal parts of Carbonates and Calcium. Hopefully the slightly lower concentration will stop the dosing line getting clogged. To keep to just two dosing pumps i may add my magnesium to the calcium mix, but i am still working out the Mag consumption first. I have noticed that above 1325 i have faster coraline growth.

        Zeolites will be replaced when i do my 10% WC and a full sandbed vacuum will be done as i try to reduce organics, detritus and algae.


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          Some pictures of the new doser and slightly rearranged skimmer and return pump controllers
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            New zeolites are in, now at 500ml, almost a full dose. I vacuumed the sump, removed a rock that was in the sump and siphoned the sand in the display tank. Some algae was brushed from rocks and 10% of the water was changed.

            the new balling salts were mixed and the doser adjusted. It will take a week or so to dial the dose back in.

            phosphates have reduced from last week so the small bit of rowa has been removed. Potassium appears to hold steady at 400 by dosing 2ml a day of ATI Kalium.

            I am currently dosing 0.3ml of zeostart a day. The full dose in the manual is 0.46ml. I am not sure if I need to add more or less to the tank. Nutrients are on the decline but there is still a fair amount of algae. It certainly would be helpful to know if I should add more or less for various nutrient levels.

            All corals are growing, with polyp extension looking ok. It could be better but I found the best thing for PE is longer term stability.


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              Some pictures
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                If you are able to keep PO4 sold low with a lower quantity of ZeoStart you can dose less, it does work well but I would not recommend to dose less than 50% of the recommended quantity to keep the biology happy



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                  Ahh, thank you. I will give the tank another week with the current dose to avoid changing something else as the zeolites have just changed. Po4 has reduced since last week so I will see if this trend continues. If not I will increase the dose.

                  so is po4 the more important nutrient compared compared to nitrate?? And does a higher zeostart dose help to reduce po4 more?

                  this weeks pre water change test results
                  alk - 8.3
                  calcium - 395
                  magnesium - 1320
                  potassium - 400
                  phosphate - 0.02 (6ppb)

                  My nitrate test kit ran out and has not been replaced. I am not sure if I will replace it yet.

                  Doing my best to be patient and let the tank evolve itself.


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                    My first video of the tank


                    You can ask anything


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                        After 5 months of zeovit, I have realised I was not shaking the zeolites enough. I was shaking the reactor for about 15 seconds (10 times). I attempted a longer shake, about 40-50 times and noticed much better release of the mulm, even on zeolites that are only 3 days old. You can see it cloud the tank much better now and i hope with improved clearing of the zeolites, they will work much more efficiently.

                        Phosphate is reducing to lower levels and corals are looking good. I have added an urchin to help take care of the algae in the tank and i have noticed that as phosphate is reducing, algae is becoming weaker and my tang has more of an interest in eating it.


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                          Not much to report here. The DD4 Pro is making adjustments in the dosing quantities sooo much easier which is welcome as finding the correct dose after mixing up a new batch of carbonates and calcium to a slightly weaker solution to prevent precipitation on the dosing line is proving tricky.

                          Potassium is still being held steady with 2ml a day dose.

                          New zeolites were added last week and the zeostart dose increased to 0.4ml which is just under the recommended dose. I'm convinced its too high but its only been 5 days so I will give it another week and see how the tank settles in to it. Zeobak is being dosed daily as per instructions after the zeolite change and some biomate twice a week, and that's it. Nothing else. I will admit, its been hard as those bottles are tempting but I need to do this right.

                          Pre WC test results:

                          Alk - 8.6
                          Calcium - 425
                          Mag - 1365
                          Potassium - 400
                          Nitrate - not tested. I have run out and cant be bothered to test. I starting to feel this is a parameter not worth testing as its always 0-2.5. I can tell if I have detectable nitrates from my glass. More on this later.
                          Phosphate - 0.02

                          Since increasing my zeostart dose, i have noticed an increase in green film on my glass. Its harmless and doesnt appear to be impacting the tank at all. Algae appears to slowly be dying back. What is interesting is the other time i see this increase in film on the glass, dosing nitrates.

                          I did this previously when i was sucked in by the "dose nitrates to avoid zero" clan (no offence). All it did was increase this film. I can clean my glass 3 times a day and it comes back just as quickly. I read a theory elsewhere that zeostart may contain nitrates (or nitrogen of some form) to assist in lowering phosphates and seeing what an increased zeostart dose is doing to my tank might point towards that.

                          Oddly enough, po4 isnt really coming down much so either:

                          a) i have a decent amount of p04 tied up int he rocks from when the flux rx treatment was run with no skimmer and overfeeding PE mysis or
                          b) the nitrogen source in zeostart theory is wrong and something else is causing the green glass.

                          Im happy to wait it out and see what happens.

                          A few other things i've noticed.

                          I've been reading about the old (might still be in use) Italian reefers approach and "pappone" which is a mix of certain fresh seafood. Oddly, the blended mix looks a lot like KZ Coral Vitalizer........If i wasnt following zeo so strictly i might of given it a go. Maybe one for further down the line.

                          I read that lots of coralline on the back glass can wash out the colours of the corals so i gave it a good scraping and removed all of the coralline off the back glass. Instantly the tank looks clean, and sharp. Will get some pics soon.

                          All corals doing great, the Florida might be growing although its condition looks very much the same.

                          In the attempt to keep the nero 5s clean i think they might need a going over next week with the 20% WC.

                          ICP in the post to see what fresh zeolites do to trace elements. Water taken 1 week after the change and just before the weekly WC.
                          Once I have settled the zeostart dose I may add in some sponge power next.


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                            Some pictures post water change

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                              Water tests after the water change
                              alk - 8.6
                              calcium - 430
                              mag - 1385
                              k - 400
                              po4 - 0.02

                              phosphate is not reducing but hair algae is still slowly dying off. I am happy to continue letting things tick over and see how it evolves.

                              i have lowered the t5 light fixture by 1 inch so it is now 7 inches (17cm) above the water line. Over time the t5 bulbs degrade and lose output so lowering them regularly will hopefully maintain the light intensity the corals receive.


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                                Monthly 20% WC complete. With this I vacuumed all sections of the sump and some of the sandbed in the display.
                                A few coral pieces have been removed as the tank/sandbed was looking crowded. A small acan and euphyllia colony was removed as well as an Acropora Tortuosa and millepora frag. This has allowed me to space out the ramining frags on the sand bed and provide better water flow

                                Fresh carbon was added to the sump as all corals are looking a little annoyed from some hydrogen peroxide i dosed yesterday to clear a troublesome patch of algae.

                                I am still using just Zeobak, biomate and zeostart. No3 and po4 are 1 and 0.03. THis spoke may be from the algae die off from dosing the h2o2 yesterday, however po4 has been 0.02 all week before this. I am not sure why it will not come down further. That being said, it doesnt seem to be causing an issue as the corals looked great. It might help slow some algae growth it was lower however.

                                3x Turban snails were added to help trim algae back.

                                I hope to have my ICP test back next week.