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    I have just lost a pink acropora Spathulata frag. I think a combination of a cleaned and fully functioning skimmer, too fast increase in alkalinity and the temperature increase last week were to blame.

    I have changed an actinic bulb to a blue plus for a slightly brighter look so i now have 4x blue plus, 2x coral plus, 1 x aquablue special and 1x purple plus. I am considering another purple to replace the aquablue.

    Alkalinity consumption is confirmed and increasing so i have increased my doser amounts.

    No other KZ products are being added as of yet although i am considering Zeofood plus once a week.

    Alk - 7.5
    calcium - 450
    Magnesium - 1320
    Potassium - 400
    Nitrate - 2.5
    Phosphate - 7pbb (0.02)

    I am happy with these numbers so i will continue with the current feeding.


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            Consumption continues to increase daily. I am now dosing 72ml of Fauna Marin carbonate a day, spread over 12 doses (every 2 hrs).

            I have made a conscious effort to not put my hands in the tank and it looks like it is paying off. It may also be the additional blue plus bulb that is helping.

            On advice of G.Alexander i have increased my Zeostart 3 dosing from 0.1ml a day to 0.2ml.

            I usually perform a 15% WC weekly and 20% WC on the first weekend of the month so this weekend will be a 20% WC. I cleaned the sump and skimmer last week so this weekend i will vacuum the sand and clean the wavemakers.


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              The tank continues to progress well using just Zeobak, Biomate, Sponge Power, Zeostart and Coral Vitalizer.

              Still running 50% of zeolite and 50% zeostart which is keeping nutrients undetectable, even with 3x a day feeding. Cyano is reducing, however i have bryopsis. I will deal with this later as it is not a huge problem at the moment.

              Coral color is good, PE is good. Many are lightening with colour coming through. Pink millipora is now more pink than red and all LPS, especially Goniopora are ding very well.

              I have 1 more week before my first zeolite change and will more than likely continue to run 50% zeolites (about 300ml) as the tank seems to be happy here with corals growing well.

              I will be doing an ICP test before i change the zeolites to see what 6 weeks of running zeovit has done to trace elements.


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                  alk 7.7
                  ca 415
                  mag 1290
                  K+ 390
                  no3 0.2
                  po4 0

                  cyano almost gone but bryopsis has taken hold. There is a treatment, in Fluconazole that will ombat this but i have corals arriving in the next week or two so am reluctant to do anything to unsettle the tank either just before or during the new corals settlement.

                  Coral growth is great and colours are improving.


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                    First change of zeolites complete. I have now moved up to 75% of the recommended quantity of stones. I also removed a lot of the smaller gravel sized pieces as they were clogging the reactor holes.I have drilled out the reactor holes a little larger to help flow through the stones rather than the water by pass them.

                    Flow is 144lph (measured) and 425ml of zeolites. Zeostart 3 will remain the same for a 2 weeks (50% - 0.2ml/day) and i will make a judgement at this point whether to increase or keep it the same.

                    the first stones were run for 6 weeks and if i am honest, over the past 3 or 4 days i have noticed dirtier glass and a brown dusting on the sandbed which may point to the zeolites nearing the end of their life.

                    I have new corals coming in a week so keen to allow the tank to stabilize before and shortly after.

                    PE is good, colours good and growth is great.

                    I have bryopsis and other than being a pest, its much prettier than GHA or cyano.


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                      A month later and the tank has been through a number of things. Bryopsis and associated treatment and effects, heatwave and a slight temp increase, coral fragging and introduction.

                      These combined I feel has had a negative impact on the tank.

                      First the Bryopsis treatment. Fluconazole is treatment to target bryopsis and over 3-4 weeks it slowly kills it of, preventing regeneration and metabolic processes. The down side of this is that the skimmer ideally will be turned off for the treatment period. It worked, however with the skimmer off for 3 weeks, I had a large increase in cyano which is slowly declining. I also think that with the skimmer off for 3 weeks, the use of the zeolite was increased which has ultimately lead to an increase in intrates. I do feed 3x a day with frozen and pellets and with 75% zeolites perhaps 6 weeks is all it will last.

                      Recent heatwaves also mean I had temps increasing from 26 degrees to 27.7. This has now settled back down.

                      I have also fragged a number of corals which has resulted in alkalinity consumption fluctuating and instability.

                      Most corals are ok, however, the pink millepora and Oregon tort are not doing well with retracted polyps and basal tissue necrosis respectively. I am hoping stability will help this.

                      Additional supplements have been dialled back to zeobak, biomate, sponge power, AAHC, Coral Vitalizer. Water changes are back on schedule with 10% a week and 20% once a month.

                      Flow has been changed to a longer alternating gyre which seems to help keep the tank clean.


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                        Post water change test results

                        Alkalinity 7.7
                        calcium 420
                        magnesium 1290
                        potassium 370
                        nitrate 2.5
                        phosphate 0.02

                        zeolites have been replaced using 75% of the recommended volume and 10% of the old stones.
                        Zeostart remains at 75% for now.
                        the only other dosing will be zeobak daily for 10 days, biomate 2x a week, sponge power 3x a week, iodine 3x a week and coral vitalizer 3x a week.
                        potassium is slowly being raised up to 400 over the next few weeks.

                        i will attempt to not change anything at all and run an icp test at the end of the month to see what trace elements are used up.

                        I may be losing my Oregon tort to stn st the base, all I can do is attempt to stabilise Alk and hope fir the best.

                        red dragon, green echinata and microclados have been mounted on rock scape now.


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                          If you already have some K+ supplement I would try to dose it to increase the level a little bit to ~ 380 mg If your test kit is not 100% accurate the real level might be lower than 370 mg already.

                          Do all your corals show good growth, if you have a hystrix or plating montipora are thy doing fine also as they are the first corals which do negative response if the K+ level is to low.



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                            I have checked my K+ test kit against a reference solution and make the adjustment accordingly. I understand that still K+ tests can have a margin for error.

                            I am slowly increasing K+ over the next few weeks by dosing a little every morning.

                            Both branch and plating monitpora in my tank both look good with good colour, polyp extension and growth.

                            I have recently noticed a Millepora starting to recede from the base as well as one other acropora. Everything else looks ok.


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                              Its been a while since my last post and I will admit I have been very conflicted with Zeo and how I run my tank. After losing my pink millepora, one that I had for a year and initially struggled to get to grow, i questioned whether zeo was right for me.

                              I removed the reactor and put the stones in a bag. Added in my old siporax basket after cleaning it, then removed it. Stopped zeofood and amino acid HC, started coral essential amino acids and came very close to setting up a refugim. I raised my kh to 8.6 (where it is now) and registered nitrate of 1 and phosphate of 0.04, both the highest in a long time. Everything looked ok but algae has started to come back.

                              However, any time i browsed the internet, read through tank builds etc, i always found the tanks i liked the most either ran zeo (or a competitors version) or at least used zeolites of some sort. Through all of the above i still dosed zeobak, sponge power, biomate and coral vitalizer so did i really "change" away from zeovit, maybe a little.

                              I sat back and thought, did i really give zeovit a good go, a propper, follow the program properly, be patient and observe, go. No, i dont think i did. I was impatient, saw what i wanted to see and kept looking for a silver bullet and quick fix.

                              So, as of today, the zeolites are back in the reactor, fortunately they remained in a bag in the sump so nothing was lost here. Filter socks will be changed twice a week. I will place a few pieces of live rock in the sump to support copepods as the wrasse in the tank decimate the population there.
                              Kh is currently 8.6 so i will allow this to fally to 8-8.3. This is higher than zeo recommends, but my current salt mix is 8.3 so will keep it here util i finish this bucket, then go back to Tropic Marin Pro Reef which usually mixes up at 7.5-7.7. Then allow kh to slowly fall back to this.

                              Flow was reduced slightly a few days ago as an experiment as i felt i was putting too much water flow through the tank. Analysis of a number of mature, very nice and stable tanks (including those on here), showed typically 60-100x Display tank turn over as a maximum potential from all pumps. My Maximum potential was over 200% so i turned all pumps down so they did not go over 65%. This meant the max was closer to 120x, with this being reached very briefly every few minutes with 50-60x actual most of the time. LPS seem ok with this and SPS too. Ultimately i dont want too high flow to distort coral growth forms.

                              I got a little carried away with PE mysis feeding so have dialled this back and fish now get a small pinch of flake, with frozen calanus and Mysis twice a day. Feeding is administered a little at a time and with flow turned down to reduce the waste going in to rocks.

                              I have replaced a blue plus tube with an actinic which has warmed the colour tone of the tank when on full lights.

                              I found an interesting discovery with the skimmer, where turning it slightly in its sump chamber reduced back pressure on the outlet, allows better water flow to the next chamber and improved skimmate production. You really do learn something new every day.

                              From today, dosing of all additional additives will cease. No more vitaliser, aminos, or iodine. I will only dose the following:

                              Zeostart 3 - 0.2ml morning, 0.15ml night. This will go up to 0.2ml twice a day soon.
                              Zeobak - 2 drops 2x a week
                              BIomate - 2drops 2x a week
                              Sponge power - 1 drop 3x a week
                              Zeolites - 425ml @ 110lph flow through shaken once a day at lights out.

                              Elements will be maintained by Fauna Marin Balling Salts and Potassium.
                              Weekly 10% water changes and 20% on the first weekend of the month. Rocks will be cleaned with a turkey baster the night before the filter sock change and sand will be stirred before the water change.

                              An ICP test will be run at the end of the month before my 20% WC to see what trace elements look like. I will then continue for another month before another ICP and assessing next steps.

                              This will be difficult for me as it requires patience and trust but i will do my best.

                              I have many new acropora and very little space so i must consider which to remove and re-home. This is proving a difficult activity.
                              Sme of the new pieces include:
                              Millepora, Tenuis, Echinata, Carduus, Hyacinthus, Granulosa.

                              All look good and well and hopefully will improve as zeovit and my tank evolve.


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                                This morning I did my usual Saturday morning water tests.

                                Alk - 8.5
                                Calcium - 405
                                Magnesium - 1305
                                Potassium - 400
                                Nitrrate - 1
                                Phosphate 0.02

                                I gave the tank a good clean. There is a fair amount of algae from over feeding mysis. I know many people love to say they feed heavy but i just dont think my tank likes it. Even though I have low nutrient levels by many peoples standards, if I add any extra to the tank it just fuels algae. For this reason I am returning back to rinsing frozen food and only feeding twice a day.

                                All 4 wave makers were cleaned in citric acid and the glass around the magnet mount scraped of hard algae growth. The back glass and sides were scraped of algae and the rocks lightly brushed to free up excess detritus and algae. I let the pumps run on high for 20 minutes and turned up the return pump to allow the filter socks to catch the waste. Then I performed my 10% WC followed by a coral snow dose to clear the water up. Filter socks were changed shortly after.

                                2x acan colonies were sold to free up so space on the sandbed, much to the dismay of my partner - whoops.

                                For now I will do my best to slowly rid the tank off excess waste and watch the corals closely.