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Well the new system is up and running.

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  • Well the new system is up and running.

    After some hard time over the last couple of months I finally had some time to take pictures. The old system was completely broken down, sorry have not taken pictures as we had not much time. While the transfer I lost most of my corals, got back some fragments of them already from some closer friends. Can not tell exactly what was going on, the skimmer just did not skim anything after all the corals where transferred. The skimmer bubbles looked like a skimmer running in freshwater so the water was very cloudy for the whole time (about 2 weeks). I expect it has something to do with fatty substances released by all the big colonies, maybe the transfer time where to long for such big corals, who knows. All fish where transferred successfully.

    This is one day after the main tank and the sump was build in the end of September. Main system has a size of 140 x 120 x 55 cm. Water volume ~ 1250 liters with sump:

    The overflow – Return pump is a read dragon 6500:

    Lighting setup are two KZ fixtures with each 8 x 54 W T5 (2 x Fili Purple / 2 x Narva blue / 12 x KZ New Generation). So far I do not miss the shimmer of the HQI to much (older picture):

    Here are some full tank shots from this morning (just blue T5):

    Skimmer is a KZ Revolution M with a Mini Red Dragon 5000:

    After the Schuan reactor where a little bit noisy, I decided to use a KZ S model:

    Here is a picture of the KZ magnetic zeovit reactor running with a AquaBee 2000:

    System is still not ready so the stand needs to be covered, will take pictures also if this is finished but might take some time.

    The system is running stabile with a PO4 level of 0.01. Used fresh live rocks out of the box and a shallow sand bed. Corals are doing fine, however the system is still new:

    Corals are doing fine, growing well as there is enough space Here are some details:

    Some clam pictures for Frankie, they are all coming from the old system:

    The small Emperor is the last addition, otherwise all others from the old system where transferred. Hopefully he will not touch the corals later as he is really a cool guy

    Will update the thread from time to time.


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    i am glad to finally see some pictures. Looks super nice!!!I really like tank dimantions.How do you like KZ skimmer with RD pump? Did you measure how much air pulls?Is thi sis new lighting system from KZ?..looks sleek.
    Dood luck with new system !



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      Good work G alexander keep up with pics so we could see the progress in this beautiful setup sorry for you lost in corals
      What type bed sand did you use as iam going to start a new 40 breeder with the full zeovit method


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        Very Nice!

        good set up and technology. nice pixs, thanks for sharing

        are you happy with the New Generation T5?



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          Alexander I feel with you the lost of such amazing corals is very hard
          But I'm sure you will have in short time a wonderful tank with three nice displays

          Take care my friend


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            Thanks Mike, glad to hear you like it but still a long way to go ! The skimmer is working well with the pump. Main reason for the change was the noise by the AquaBee 7000 which normally comes with the skimmer. The sump of the new system is not anymore in a separate room noise plays a important role. Its the Coral Light fixture without the LED`s. Never measured the air intake of the skimmer Mike but the foam looks good and the exported quantity is just amazing

            Hi Eggie, thanks, I have used ~ 10 kg of KZ Argonite which was “cycled” in another system for 2 weeks before adding it.

            Thanks, can not tell much Gustaf, I am a complete T5 newbie but from the look of the corals and the look to my eyes I like the combination.

            We will see Steffen, so far some of the new additions show really impressive growth.



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              I agree,,, Ab pump is not good at all..
              Any reason you got light without LED?



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                Congratulation with your new tank G.Alexander

                What pump size could I go with my smal model slimmer rd 2500 or 3500.. ?
                any picture of the assembly,did it fit right on?



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                  Hi Alexander, your hand-made tank looks perfect, really a good job, my friend Your corals & reefscape are very nicely arranged. Watch the Emperator as it matures, they sometimes acquire a taste for LPS Only thing missing here is a pix. of Sandra! Bob
                  "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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                    Great job Alexander, tank and aqua scapeing nicely thought out.
                    Now you get to sit back and watch corals and fish mature.



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                      ehi Alexander i'm glad to see ur new tank!!!!!IT'S WONDERFUL,and i'm sure it will become better than ur past tank




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                        Wonderful beginning Alexander.... sorry for your losses...I know what it feels like when I lost most of mine during my transfer to the new tank as well!!

                        But like they all say, in no time this tank will look even better than the previous
                        ~ Art is an adventure into an unknown world, which can only be explored by those willing to take the risks. ~


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                          WOW! is quite the understatement. I think many would be happy with the results you have already achieved. A couple of questions....

                          - Have you found that with a high ratio of "white" T5s that your corals have bleached? It doesn't appear so.... I've setup several systems that used a majority of "white" bulbs from AquaScience and ATI, ratios of like 7:3 (white:blue, I include the Fiji Purple in the white category). I've always had bleaching. I only have set up one system that used a ratio of 4:1 CL Next Gen: Fiji Purple, and had paling as well.
                          - How did you attach the RD to your Revolution?

                          Absolutely stunning!


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                            lovely tank


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                              Hi Alexander,
                              what is magnetic zeoreactor, is it automatic self cleaning stuff?