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Nikon 5400 4x Optical Zoom, prefer 10x optical zoom

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  • Nikon 5400 4x Optical Zoom, prefer 10x optical zoom

    I really love the macro quality this camera takes compared to my previous camera, the Fujifilm S5100.
    The only downslide to this new camera is that the optical zoom is not enough, it's a 4x Optical Zoom. Is there any way to attach another lens that will make the camera have something like a 10x Optical Zoom? So far I am very happy with the new camera, but I'd like to see the camera have a higher optical zoom.
    Any way to fix this issue?


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    I'm pretty sure they make telephoto attachments for that camera. You'd have to do a search but I think they are out there. I know the macro ones work well but I have no experience with the telephoto.


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      Sounds good, I'll look for those telephoto lens!
      I have another issue...I use a tripod when taking pictures, but no matter what I do, the result photo always comes out blurry or washed out. Also when I zoom in on Macro mode, the photo becomes blurry when I zoom in a small amount. Will the telephoto lens fix this issue?


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        blured images while zooming in while in Macro mode is normal. Marco works best when the lens is zoomed out. You can zoom a little but a lot of it depends on the distance from the subject to the camera. With your camera, in auto mode, it should flash green (on the lcd screen) if i can focus at that setting and red if it can't.

        also, you can try using the timer function on the camera. set your timer to take a picture 2-3 seconds after you press the button. then compose the shot, then click. in macro/close up photography everything is magnified and our big hands mashing the little button is enough movement on the camera to blur the image.