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  • adding on to my camera ?'s

    I have a Sony p-150 and acquired a lense adapter (add on that allows you to incorporate telephoto lenses and filters. My primary idea is to get a telephoto lense simply for the extra zoom, but could it also help with macro shots?
    Which lense would you recommend? I can get factory 30mm lenses that would fit the adaptor or I could get, well, something else and use step-up rings if need be.
    What would you recommend??


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    you want a macro lense not a telephoto, telephotos are for shooting things that are far away, like animals in Africa.

    you want a macro lense for close ups.

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      Either get a macro lenses for the step up rings. they are pretty good.

      How's Arkansas going to do in the SEC next year? Did Nutt bring in a good class this year?


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        Next year: We'll see. We return alot of people on both sides and are bringing in some guys that seem to have serious potential, but truth be told i don't know.
        We have as good a group of recievers as i've seen in a few years and we'll be solid on the ground as usual. The big offensive question is quarterback. Losing Jones will be tough and the transition will be interesting, but i'm optimistic. Defense is the big problem in that it was horrible last year. The upside is that we only lose one starter and have hired arguably the best DC in the collegiate ranks. Hopefully things will improve.
        oh yeah, we travel to USC next year. wish us luck.

        Can't wait to see yall whip Texas (spit) next year. I'm not much of an OU fan, but watching y'all walk all over Texas (spit) every year is just pure fun.

        What do you expect out of Norman next year? What do you expect at quarterback? Losing Jason White is big, but i'm sure you have some stud just waiting in line.

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          You're right about 3 things. Losing Jones is a big loss, it's always fun to see Texas lose, and we have a QB stud waiting for his turn

          Actually losing White is a big deal but there are 3 good ones waiting in the wings. One is a very fast/mobile QB that will be a junior this year. He might win it out because of experience.

          Then there is a soph that was the top QB in California a few years ago. He's 6'6" and can throw it a country mile. He's not fast but he is mobile and has good escapability in the pocket.

          Then we have a redshirt frosh that was the top QB prospect in the nation 2 years ago. He's big, fast, smart, and a coaches son. He isn't as fast as the first QB but it's close.

          Many want this guy to be QB because he is a fierce competitor and is one of the smartest players in the game. He has everything you would want in a QB. Think Matt Jones but with more accuracy (not a slam on Jones at all). This kid is just that good. I don't think we will have a QB named started until the fall but it will be fun to watch.

          We lost our co d coord but I like how they hired better so I consider it an improvement. OU lost so many players that we are sure to have some learning to do but I think we can still compete at a high level.

          Who is the DC at Arkansas now?


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            we picked up Reggie Herrig, formerly of N.C. State. I can't remember his credentials at the moment, but when i read threw them they were impressive.

            Did Pellini move on?What about the other guy?



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              Pellini went to LSU with the Oklahoma St coach (weird pair). The other guy? Venebles? he's the DC still. We moved our DE coach to DB coach (use to coach DB's before, and he's good ) and then hired Fabris from Georgia. Needless to say the entire Sooner nation was very excited. Then about 3 days later he announced he had to stay in Georgia because of health issues with his father. So needless to say the entire Sooner nation was bummed. this guy is freaking good. But, we brought in a former OU player who coaches DE's at CU. he's young, good coach, great recruiter so we're happy again.

              I guess Georgia lost a lot of coaches so I would guess that Auburn will be in the drivers seat for the SEC. You probably won't like this, but I would love for Bama to run the show over there.


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                i read about the Georgia guy, thought that was pretty weird.

                My bet on who will be the class of the SEC is either Tenneessee (i hate these guys as much as Texas) and LSU (not much better than those orange fellas). Both had successful seasons last year and are returning the core of their teams. LSU may falter simply because of the drop in coaching. Miles and Pellini are good, but Saban was something else. Auburn will be good, but not great. They lost their DC and far too many players. Georgia is in the same boat, but they have a great coach in Richt. He reminds me alot of Stoops by the way. As far as Alabama........ I certainly don't want them to be the cream of the crop, but i do like seeing them succeed, it just seems like they should. Can't help but respect that tradition. Florida is a bit of a wild card, they have a boat load of talent and a new coach. South Carolina just hired Spurrier, but can he take that program to the next leve? Holtz couldn't.
                My preseason predictions:
                East: Tenneessee, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky, Vanderbilt
                West: LSU, Arkansas, Alabama, Auburn, MSU, Ole Miss
                (toss up for 2nd)
                Overall: Tenneessee will be in the hunt for the NC

                I wonder whose gonna win the Big 12???
                If Tech ever learns to play defense they could be scary, but till then...


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                  Shhhhhh, do not tell Tech about their defensive problems. Man, that is my biggest fear. If they could play "decent" D they would win it all.

                  For some reason, I always liked Tenn. Sorry I don't even know why. I hate Fulmer, I think their program truly needs to be investigated, but for some reason, I like them.

                  Florida will be good. Urban Meyer was a good hire. I forgot about Spurrier and SC. that might take two years. did he get a QB in this class?

                  As for the Big 12, either OU or Texas will win. aTm is a possibility too. But we play aTm in Norman and they never do well on the road. Texas is OU's biggest road block this year but just because they are Texas, I give OU the advantage. Mack Brown will find a way to under utilize all the talent he has. BTW, you guys should have won that game last year.

                  I went to the Cotton Bowl in 2002 (2001 season) when it was OU/Arkansas. It was actually a pretty good game but OU's defense was so good that year that Arkansas couldn't get it going. I wish we could have had the defense in the Orange Bowl this year.