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Finally able to get a few good shots

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  • Finally able to get a few good shots

    I started zeo in July 2004. Had a few problems when I started, but could not be more pleased with the results now that I know what I am looking for !

    Pics aren't the best quality but you get the general idea. Third one down is a pic of a wild Tutielensis colony that is turning a wicked purple, I can't get my camera to capture it's true color. The Oregon tort in the bottom picture was glued down a few days ago, the base is already encrusting !

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    GOOD job! love the tut!! are you SSB or BB?


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      Thanks invinc, I have a very shallow layer of sand in the tank, I plan on removing it in a few months when I move.


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        WOW, well kept & I luv the reefscaping Thnx. Bob
        "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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          AWESOME! Very cool. Can you give us some more specs?

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            Beautiful tank! can you give us the dimensions. I love the tanks not only long, there is so much space to play a good and natural reef.

            That "cup acro" is special!


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              Thanks, everyone, for the kind words. The tank is 4'x2'x2' - 120 gal. @100 lbs of live rock, 3 different types. I have a Euro-Reef 6-3, 2 Tunze streams and a Dolphin 1200 return pump. A calcium reactor from reeftek and of course my zeovit filter from OUinLA round out the hardware. There are 35 + different frags and colonies, highlights include an oregon tort frag, 2 tyree purple monster frags, a tyree soli frag, and of course the tutielensis. Fish are a Yellow Tang, Flame Angel, Maculosus Angel, Flame Hawkfish, Mandarin, Maroon clown and a Royal Gramma. 2 teardrop Maxima's and a Crocea clam round out the livestock.


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                Great shots bro.. Me like-e


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                  Awesome, I love how clean it looks.
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