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My simple no zeo tank

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  • My simple no zeo tank

    One of my aquariums,4 months old filtered with canister filter (activated carbon,irox oxide media),NSW ,no aditives nor kh or calcium aditives.
    Before few days after power problems he survive 14 degree celzius temperature (this is the second time that my tank temperature get too low in 4 months).Lighting 4 x 40 w NO bulbs,3 x marine glo,1 sylvania daylight.
    I lost hydrometar so I have low salinity for month or two too(1022).Inhabitans are mostly my cultured lps corals.
    KH 6,1,calcium 380 mg/lit,Po4 0.
    Not the best picture but what the heck.

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    Sofisticated and advanced filtration :smash:


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      Originally posted by bluereef
      Sofisticated and advanced filtration :smash:

      Sometimes Simple is better ... I love the look bro.. Very nice.


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        Thank you scottw.
        Few pictures of fishes(they hide in first picture),5 cultured ocellaris,zebrasoma flavenscens and centropyga bicolor.

        Last picture make my 10 year old son Ramon,he have more patience then me for fish pictures.


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          Mirabel, thank Ramon for the pix Very impressive set-up Bob
          "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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            nice LPS tank! is there a lot of flow in this tank?


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              very nice~
              Thanks for sharing~



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                Very cool.

                / 20g ZEOnano9020 system / /

                The golden ratio is 1.61803399 - use it wisely.


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                  Thank you guys
                  Is 75 g tank BTW.
                  thank Ramon for the pix
                  I will,thanks
                  nice LPS tank! is there a lot of flow in this tank?
                  Medium flow IMO,besides canister filter(aproximetly 200-300 g/hour) I have only one aquaclear 4000 powerhead hiden in internal filter(aprox 400g/hour).
                  There is only 8-10 pounds of rocks inside,and I can get nice circulation with weaker pumps because nothing block the flow.
                  Here is picture with live rocks only

                  I am in gotiation for wavebox what was originaly planed for circulation.


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                    hi blureef
                    my navarcus-crisurus-zanclus would make the jumps of joy in your beutyful tub

                    baby catalaphyllia ???

                    me for however the movement that you and have ok

                    hi blureff


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                      Ciao Donattelo
                      Your zanclus canescens eat lps corals?
                      baby catalaphyllia ???
                      One is in this tank ,second are in other aquarium together with big mama.
                      here is the pictures
                      before aproximetlly 2-2,5 years when they droped from mother colony

                      Here is year before

                      Here is recent one,litlle artistic

                      Here are my baby euphyllia completly raised in aquaria ,I have 22 buds of this euphyllia specie

                      New fishes aded 2 days ago


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                        very, very nice.
                        10x3x2 FOWLR (for now)
                        RD12 return, 2 RD12 closed loop, wavebox with extension
                        MRC kalkmixer


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                          Very nice LPS! I like your very advance filtration too! BTW, Do u run a skimmer in that tank?

                          Setup: 250G System, ATI Powermodul 10x80w T5s, 4x6100 Tunze Streams & 7095 MultiController, Deltec PF1000 CR, Deltec AP902 Skimmer, IKS, Zeovit, Artica 1Hp Chiller


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                            Thank you moonpod.
                            I dont run skimmer in this tank,actually I dont run skimmer in any of my aquariums (600 plus gallons,8 aquarium).
                            I wont to try zeo in this aquarium but Madison was quite bussy and he dont have time to made one hang on zeo reactor for me(I dont have sump in this tank).
                            Maybe I will put skimmer latter,maybe not,i dont know.I wont something really simple this time,withous messy wires,valves,hoses.....That is the reason why I choose NO bulb even I have few HQI giesemann extra sitting around.


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                              New picture of cute fishes-escenius bicolor-,this picture took my wife