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True palletta blue acro.

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  • True palletta blue acro.

    Can anybody share some pics, I have a small frag coming in tomarrow along with a multi colored tort, and the nc tarheels vermiculata.
    I'll post pics of mine tomarrow, but it will be just a small frag.
    I have waited forever to get one. man its harder to get than any le i have seen.
    180 mixed reef, extreme 40gal frag tank, 33 gal sump,30 gal fuge, profilux plus II controller,profilux doser, GEO 618 CA/RX tunze 6100's, BK 250 internal, 2 400watt halides, 4 blue plus t-5's on icecap ballast, I run GFO, and dose vodka,sugar, and vinigar with ammino acids, and use somewhat of the balling method.