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  • Fred's New Tank

    Ok its been a long while since i posted but things have changed considerably, this was the old tank

    It was a bay front corner tank in operation for about 2 years, but it came to the point where things were just too crowded. So on came the upgrade.
    I decided on a 4x2x2, euro-braced all glass plus weir. The stand is custom for the added height.
    Heres the new tank just after the transfer

    Day 2

    Going through the dreaded algae stage

    And now as it is today, 10 weeks on

    Equiptment is as follows, lighting is two 400w 14k MH's and eight 20w flouro's half actinic, half 6500k

    filtration is accomplished via a DIY skimmer, and good old Zeovit. I feel that the combination of good circulation strong skimming and the added benefits of our method work a treat. The tank is running a chiller and calcium reactor.

    Questions comments and suggestions more than welcome, oh and BTW this was all achieved with the resources we have available over here in Australia. More pics to come, soon!!!
    Hope you guys like, Fred

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    Crikey mate! Looks Great!!!

    Everything is so neat! Just wondering about those reflectors, If you could change them for ones that reflect the light coming from the end of the bulb- that would "save" some light

    Oh, and BWT the histrix you sent me is still growning dispite it falling into the elegance when i was in the USA. Thanks again mate

    System: 430ltr SPS ZEOvit system, Balling Method (Growtech), BubbleKing200, Profilux with LAN and Salinity
    Lighting: Dimmbar 54w T5: D&D and KZ mixture.
    Flow: Tunze 6060, Iwaki MX70 CL + penductors

    "I love the smell of Napalm in the morning"


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      Thanks Josh, I would have preferred to get lumenarcs but no supplier over here. Good to hear the hystrix is going well, and just for the hell of it a pic I took today of the little beauty


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        Beautiful setup!! I love the SSB look! And especially the equipment setup. Just curious, are those custom pink acrylic box's? or did you just find those somewhere? Thats a great idea for water leaks or spills.


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          LOL, nah the pink boxes are some I had lying around, but like mentioned they are great for catching any stray drips. Which reminds me I need to put up a pic of the new reactor I built, the old one was made from a seaclone skimmer and worked a treat on the old tank but with the added media was impossible to aggitate.