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Aquarium of Dani de Granada from Spain

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  • Aquarium of Dani de Granada from Spain

    Aquarium of Dani de Granada of Spain

    His other AQ:

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    Hi invincible.

    Thanks for upload photos from mi tank

    It's an honor for me to see my tank in this forum.

    This is the old configuration. Coral growed to water surface and the lower part of the tank had no light... so in january 2005 i change the config of the acuarium. Now i'm triying with DSB. It's not easy to mantenance a DSB in Spain, but i like the sistem.

    See you.


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      hi dani,
      could you tell us more about your system?


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        You're welcome Dani. It looks very nice. Do you have an updated picture of your system? Thanks again!


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          Here's some photos.

          In january 2005, i decided to try with some "live" sand (Nature's Ocean) and i revome ALL the corals and live rock in the aquarium to try with another aquascaping:

          - Less rock: the rock and corals was a wall, there was sediments, nitrates and very little amount of light in the down part (i've got only 3x150w HQI).

          - More places to put pieces without touching one each other, and without loosing light. And i remove some pieces too.

          -This was taken in march, (we put live sand in january) at this moment i had a bloom diatomea explosion, consecuence of the very big change inside the tank (you can see the brown disease between corals and in sand), but corals seems to be well:


          In the last 3 months, i had lost of problems with algae, but now the system seems to be more mature and bryopsys and debersias seems to be...less strong.

          Corals always seems to be well:


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            And some acros:

            Little aquaculturing millepora:

            Mi efflo, at the moment of the change (january 2005):


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              And the same coral now, under actinics light.

              In the next months (when tank stabilizes and algae go away) i would like to try with 400w HQI, Icecap ballast and spiders reflectors, and, of course i will try to increase the color of corals with zeovit.

              But now.. i only must waiting and helping the system without changes.



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                Nice pictures!! I didnt know that ZEOvit was available in Spain too! Is anyone in Spain using ZEOvit Dani? thank you!


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                  Thanks Invincible!!.

                  Well... you know that in Spain we are some years behind other countries in keeping marine aquariums. So, only in the last three o four years we are keeping our systems with enought water quality to mantenance SPS corals.

                  Now in Spain there is a great increase in reef acuariums, I know this because i'm moderator of an spanish aquariums forum. So, i see all days the quality of our hobby in our country.

                  But our "diary fight" today is keeping algae away and keep our corals live... but we are now asking for improve in lighting and better skimmers, and some sistems like zeovit.

                  I don't know anybody in Spain who use Zeovit, because there isn't any seller who bring this products to Spain. We know his existence, but nobody knows how get it and how use it.

                  But I know some reefkeepers (i'm inside this group) that would like to buy them..

                  Do you know how can we begin to use Zeovit?

                  Last edited by Dani de Granada; 06-06-2005, 07:24 PM.


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                    here is a random question...

                    what is up with the shirt and the red X's over it???
                    Proud owner of an Elegance Coral "that lived". (It is thriving whith long tentacle tips...purchased in January 2005.) It has white tentacle tips, I beleive this has something to do with ones that will typically live due to the collection site.


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                      Hi Dani, you might PM Gary Madl[Ger] ZEOvit USA importer & Alexander ****, famous German zeo-user for purchasing the basics for the ZEOvit method. Then read the ZEOvit guide & post your questions here, as we have many experienced zeo-users who are happy to help. Bob
                      "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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                        Adam: jijiji... the word in the shirt is... ejem... "puta". It's a ¿bad-word? in Spain. It's a t-shirt from a rock group.

                        Aged Salt: Thanks for the note. Bob. Some spanish users (includes me) from our forum are interesting in trying zeovit system and we are talking about organize a big shipping to our country. We will contact this people to try with this.



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                          tank looks awesome
                          180G SPS Mainly
                          10 Bulb T5 Starfire
                          Calcium Reactor
                          3 Tunze 6105's
                          Profilux Controller
                          ATB Return w/ wavysea
                          ATB M External Skimmer


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                            Dani, looks like you got it handled for the ZEOvit contact. Let us know if things follow through or not. I would definitely like to see people in another country try this method and see their success from scratch just like we did in the U.S.


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                              Fantastic Dani..