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Tank pic from Jan 2005 (3mo Zeo)

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  • Tank pic from Jan 2005 (3mo Zeo)

    Here is a full tank pic from the other day:

    some specs:
    30 gallon display (24" x 24" x 12") w/ 29 gallon sump (total volume 30gallon)
    53x turnover from closed loop gen-x mak-4 via OM squirt w/ bypass, return via Sedra 700
    175w SE 14K hamilton & 150w DE 14K Phoenix/AC
    DIY Ca Rx
    DIY Titanium needle wheel euro skimmer
    DIY Square ZEO reactor
    DIY temp controller for cooling fans.
    DIY everything :-)

    - 1 drop bak/1 drop food 2x/week (EOD for 2 weeks after media change)
    - 1 drop HCAA morning and night (2 drop/day total) (started 2 weeks ago)
    - 1.5 cups of Zeolites, 1 cup exchanged every 6 weeks.
    - 1/4 cup of Zeo carbon changed every 30 days.

    - PIF and FE should be here next week :-)

    These corals lived in my 20gal with a 5 year old sand bed for 2 months of Zeo goodness, once I started to see the potential of the ZEOvit system it didn't take much convincing to upgrade and go BB. this tank has only been running 6 weeks and it's doing very well. Now the sand bed has gone my SPS are really starting to color up nicely.

    I had the stand made, it's 46" tall with an 8" lip around the base, the inside of the stand was fibreglassed to waterproof the stand. it holds 29 gallons so that hopefully wet carpet will be a thing of the past.

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    another pic:

    and a top down shot:


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      this sort of shows growth in a.yongi over 1 month.

      Dec 2004:

      Jan 2005:


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        Looks great. thanks for sharing. I love square/cube tanks.


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          Looking good.. I have thought about getting a cube myself with endless egde for clams... Can't wait to see it in a few more month...

          Peace, jeff


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            thanks, I can't wait for what the next few months can bring either. I'm going to start PIF and some FE next week to try and coax a little more color out. I had a bad over temp event last year the bleached most everything, I have some greens and oranges back and my purple digi is all colorful again.. PO4 is still around 0.03ppm so I'm hoping that will finally go down some time soon.



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              post some pics of your equipment? that looks very nice in deed, nice big blueridge in there, not many people have them these days, I have a HUGE piece, well Jeff has a huge piece now lol.. POST MORE PICS< POST MORE PICS< POST MORE PICS