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Acropora Nana

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  • Acropora Nana

    Images from John Brachaeu

    Latin name: Acropora nana
    Discovered from / Year: Studer, 1878
    Growth: medium grower
    Degree of difficulty: easy
    Lighting: medium (bulb)
    Current: medium / high


    Members please post your experiences & pictures in this thread to this species.
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    i find it to be a slower grower
    180G SPS Mainly
    10 Bulb T5 Starfire
    Calcium Reactor
    3 Tunze 6105's
    Profilux Controller
    ATB Return w/ wavysea
    ATB M External Skimmer


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      lol with purple tips like that.. it can grow as slow as it wants to in my tank.. lol

      300 Gal Envision Tank, 120 Gal Sump, Deltec702, 4 250 watt Ushio 14K,4 IceCap Ballast,4 PFO Pendants, 2 Aquastarlight T5, AquaticSystemsDesign Dual Chamber Calcium Reactor, 2 PanWorld returns, 1 TunzeWavebox & 2 6200 streams all controlled by an Aquatronica contoller


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        Actinic shot of mine from last Spring, very slow grower and hyper sensitive to change ,


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          Very sensitive to changes!!!

          I got a frag of it about 3 years ago, and it took about a year to acclimate in my tank, finally encrust and start growing branches again. I have a piece of brown valida, or nana (not sure) in my new tank now that I found in the old tank, and I'm hoping it will start to grow again. It was shaded out by my caps, and turned into this encrusted brown hulk. lol

          One thing however that I have found with both nana and valida, is that they will keep their purple tips even after losing their color and regrowing again, unlike a lot of the pink and lime tables etc that we try and lose the colors on.

          Very nice corals when they are happy.