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Acropora Solitaryensis

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  • Acropora Solitaryensis

    Picture by Wilafur

    Latin name: Acropora Solitaryensis
    Discovered from / Year: Veron and Wallace, 1984
    Growth: medium grower / plating with sharp edges
    Degree of difficulty: medium
    Lighting: medium (bulb)
    Current: medium / strong
    Reproduction: fragmenting


    Members please post your experiences & pictures in this thread to this species.
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        Although the colors of the current pictures are much better, here's one of mine (I used to had ):


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          what conditions do you find this coral like?
          high light? 250 or 400?
          lots of current?

          i have noticed that my frag has not grown at all. the only thing it keeps doing is incrusting.

          has anyone had the same result?

          any input would be great

          Alex Oliver


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            Hi Alex, my experience with this coral is moderate lighting and high current. In my tank this corals showed relative quick growth. The Solitaryensis is very vulnerable to acropora tissue eating turbellaria especially if not placed at a adequate place.

            So far, this is my experience with it.



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              i am new to the site.a true reef aquarist for 6 years now and i have a similar looking acropora efflorescens.wondering if its a soli now??funny cuz when i
              got it i had no clue wut it really was. i'm really seeing various types of growth patterns from the coral usually depending on the light.since i obtained it 4 years ago from a CA distributor it has been through it all from predator to rookie aquarist mistakes...finally seeing its true potential now with 2/250watt halides and 2/39watt geisemann actinic+ bulbs...these pics i'm seeing in this post now make me think i might have a soli and not an efflo.