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Need help ID on unusual Montipora

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  • Need help ID on unusual Montipora


    It has an encrusting base and with irregular upgrowths. Branches are very thin and delicate. Slightest touch and they crumble.
    What is it?
    Anyone else? Is it rare? Never been seen or kept before? May Tyree will be interested in it.
    the coralites on mine are not immersed like a spongodes. I have broken off many of the branches on many occasions by accident. It is very adamant that it regrows those upward stems very fast. It doesn't show any interest in laminar or basal growth. It's primary interest is in making more and more upward sticks. It grows at a moderate rate.

    montipora porites??
    I haven't had any of the upgrowths fuse into ridges and the polyps aren't contrasting in color. hmm....this is a tough one even with good pictures. I've even examined to dead branches and can't come up with a conclusion.

    I have both the blue and green varieties of montipora stellata (elkhorn montipora) and can say definately not the same.
    My 180 Gallon SPS pictures-copy/paste

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    I agree with this ID from your previous post.
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      Awesome coral either way... maybe I'll get an unusual specimen one day, then again we don't seem to get anything fancy here in South Africa

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        M. Circumvallata it is.

        I have one like it. This is an old pic in the prop tank and now its in the main tank and its coloring up nice.
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