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miami orchid and new tort

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  • miami orchid and new tort

    miami orchid real name???
    also bought this last week and was told it was a ora blue tort,, i know its from ora but is it a tort ?? thanks guys.. also as you can see from the pic the m.o. is turning kinda white. it has only done this since i have started zeo,, is this common on this coral??

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    Ben, did that come from the VTF display tank? Im curious because then I can ID better. It looks like it.. but it didnt look like a ORA tort when I saw it.


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      Hi Ben, from the pix's, I'm not sure if they demonstrate basal lightening, but if that's the case, be sure your Ca/KH are not too low, or your salinity is not >1.025. These Acroporas are very senisitive to parameters not within the ZEOvit guidelines--Ca>400, KH 7-8/ Mg >1200 & salinity-1.023-5. If these are within the guidelines, plz. give your current dosages of all that you are using currently, thnx. Bob
      "There might be something to this ZEOvit"