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I have no idea, the worker had no idea.

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  • I have no idea, the worker had no idea.

    First, NO PICTURE!!!

    You probably wont get it, but a fish store(I wont mention the name cause I dont want you buying the coral) had a coral that with polyps retracted, looked like a gnarly branching montipora. BUT when it had its tentacles extended, it looked like some coral severely swarmed over by flatworms. What gets me is, the polpys on this "montipora" had no tentacles! They were actually club-shaped. Unlike anything I have ever seen. It was brown, uhhh...are we getting anywhere???

    Anyhow, the guy workin said it kinda looked half between a montipora and a hydnophore, trust me, it was NOT a hydnophora. Is there any odd branching corals someone is not telling me about? It was not a branching galaxy coral, either. It was odd, I mean I have never seen anything like it.

    OK, I will give you a hint, the store was in Indiana. Some members may know what coral I am talking about...mabe scottw???

    Throw out them guesses!
    Proud owner of an Elegance Coral "that lived". (It is thriving whith long tentacle tips...purchased in January 2005.) It has white tentacle tips, I beleive this has something to do with ones that will typically live due to the collection site.