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What could this be ?

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  • What could this be ?


    I'm hoping these are not flatworms but look at the pictures, it's been growing fine but now not sure what is happening.

    Thank you.

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    I can neither see flatworms or their eggs but you need to inspect the coral closely especially the base under the piece of rock for their eggs. From the pictures it looks like some coralites are missing in the center, if this is the case a crab could be a reason also.



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      +1 to what Alexander had said, it looks similar to when I had crabs in my tank.

      They hide in small crevices, you will need to inspect frag plugs and also the rock where the plug is normally placed. Take a torch and check every single hole in the rock. Coral RX and similar things don't work for acro-eating crabs even when highly overdosed so they have to be removed manually. You wont observe them on the Acro, they hide as soon as they see any movement in a room where the aquarium is and come out only in the night. If you have wooden floors they will hear your steps and hide before you reach the tank Utter nightmare I find them to be a bigger menace than flatworms
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        Crabs can also be relative easy catch by using a red light source, usually the crabs do not notice the light but you can see the crab to catch it clear.