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  • Yellow in sps


    I was wondering what could I dose or do to increase the yellow in my sps. I've purchased a yellow anacropora a little while ago, it was bright yellow when I got it now it's very pale but growing.

    Thank you.
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    I had the same coral in my system also and it exactly looked like the one in the second picture. I do not think you will be able to keep it as yellow as in the first picture however the coral looks really healthy. Keeping yellow of a coral is really difficult and it does need a very low nutrient concentration and a lot of light from my experience.

    It is a Anacropora forbesi, you can find some more information and pictures from the natural environment over here:

    Here is a old picture of the one I had:



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      Thank you for the info, I will try to bring him up a bit, maybe he does need more light.


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        Yellow color, a white crow of Acropora keeping I never had luck in maintaining yellow color on Acropora for long time. They always slowly turned green-ish.
        While I searched for solution I found pictures of yellow Acros in the old threads around the internet. In most threads where I found reefers who had a success with keeping yellow SPS, they kept them under metal halides, 10k bulbs.
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          What Michal said is my experience also. Yellow corals are not very common and I had the best success with them directly under 10k halides (close to the water surface), undetectable nutrients, low element dosage and strong skimming. If dosed a little bit to much of iron or iodine for example the tissue become a green shine the next day.

          The sarmentosa was one of the most beautiful corals I had in yellow:



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            That is a beautiful acropora, I will try to get my hand on one of those.

            Thanks for the help, I will try to move it see if that makes a difference.