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Coral food for SPS only nano tank

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  • Coral food for SPS only nano tank

    I’m about to start a nano tank and will not be going full zeo-system on this particular setup. I’m not necessarily planning on having fish, if I do I will have one or two really small ones. But let’s say I go without fish. What food should I use for my SPS corals? Can I add Xtra from KZ without the whole system or would you recommend something else?

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    Basically, all Zeo products (feeding / coloring) are used well in malnourished water (NP = low). You can start with Zeo CV addition and observe the changes in corals. This is a good choice. I do n’t know the age of the tank, the biology, the appearance of the coral, the nutritional level, and whether the coral has any signs of growth. If this information can be provided, it will be more detailed.