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Acropora bugs and zeovit

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  • Acropora bugs and zeovit

    Attached please find some pictures of some kind bugs. The yellow ones look like red bugs, but no red dots I have noticed on them. They do move quickly.
    I dipped it in Coral Clean FM and Coral RX. The coral is stressed now, but I do not see them now.
    On the other coral there some semitransparent (sorry no pictures, were made), I dipped it as well.
    The third coral has some kind of black-grey, they also can move rather quickly. No bugs were noticed on other corals.
    Please advise what shall I do, some corals cannot be dipped as they are glued to the rock. If the corals are fine, shall I keep like it or shall I do one of the following options:
    1) Get wrasse melanurus, it will eat them
    2) Use Flatworm Stop (but they can move quickly), it might help
    3) Use Novatis Milbemax (milbemycin oxime/praziquante), we do not have Interceptor in Ukraine.
    If medication, is there any special routine?

    Many thanks for your advice.

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    I do not have experience with red bugs or the ones you have noticed on your corals but the question is does the ones you have do have any kind of a negative impact to the affected corals ? You should first notice this by a reduction of growth / polyp expansion and coloration.