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Scolymia australis

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  • Scolymia australis

    Latin name: Scolymia australis
    Discovered from / Year: Milne Edwards & Haime, 1849
    Growth: Circular, slow grower
    Degree of difficulty: medium for advanced reefers
    Lighting: low (bulb)
    Current: low


    Members please post your experiences & pictures in this thread to this species.
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    i had one it was hardy for me i got rid of it whn i upgraded
    180G SPS Mainly
    10 Bulb T5 Starfire
    Calcium Reactor
    3 Tunze 6105's
    Profilux Controller
    ATB Return w/ wavysea
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        Can anyone tell me about reproduction of these in aquaria? TIA


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          Greetings All !

          Can anyone tell me about reproduction of these in aquaria?
          The only really "useful" stuff I've found regarding Scolymia (family Mussidae) reproduction in captivity comes from Calfo ...

          ... . Numerous reproductive events and strategies have been observed among Mussids in captivity, however most have been induced or can be explained by stress related factors. Polyp bailout and polyp balls are the most commonly reported strategies. They may often be regarded as a stressed animal's last effort to reproduce or continue the species. Sexual reproduction is conducted via external fertilization, which is farther in the future for the abilities of coral farmers.

          ... . Scolymia are unlikely candidates for propagation in mariculture largely due to low growth and healing properties.

          Extracted from:
          Book of Coral Propagation, Version 1.0 F,
          Anthony Calfo, Reading Trees, 2001-2003.
          HTH ...
          "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
          Hunter S. Thompson


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            Here's a better pic of mine, I'm in love with this coral

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              Many pictures above are Cynarina deshayesiana. Pleas check

              Real Scolymia australis from australia.


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                Not as pretty but this is mine...

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                  Most Pix show Cynarina deshayesiana now known as Acanthophyllia deshayesiana!
                  Maybe some Mod can change this!
                  Greetings, Alex


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                    Originally posted by anguswu View Post
                    Many pictures above are Cynarina deshayesiana. [/IMG]

                    Some of mine: