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Zanclus Cornutus - Moorish Idol

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  • Zanclus Cornutus - Moorish Idol

    Images provided by bluereff

    Latin name: Zanclus Cornutus
    Degree of difficulty: medium for advanced reefers
    Current: low / medium / high

    Members please post your experiences & pictures in this thread to this species.
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    moorish idol & reef tanks do they go together ?


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      Some notes on my Zanclus, which is now over 2 years in my reef.

      Does not actively eat corals, but will pick at anything, including corals, if not properly fed. Must always have a full, rounded stomach.

      Mine eats flakes, various frozen krill/plankton, dried seaweeds, Caulerpa, bananas, pellets, mussels and sponge food. Was never a problem eater after the first week.

      Doesn't like new intros to the tank, but has learned to accept A. achilles, Ct. striatus, Z. xanthum and various Chaetodons. Is extremely aggressive with other similarly striped fish, such as Coradion melanurus, which had to be removed.

      Not overly sensitive to Cryptocarion or Oodinium, but may get fin rot if not well and balanced fed. Lots of greens. I found that the sponge food, which is for Pomacanthids, seems to have a generally beneficial effect, possibly antibiotic. Since feeding it, my pomacanthids and Zanclus are all a bit better off. Can't pinpoint it, though.
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