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Nematelotris magnifica

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  • Nematelotris magnifica

    Latin name: Nematelotris magnifica
    Degree of difficulty: medium
    Max size: about 9 cm
    Current: medium

    Members please post your experiences & pictures in this thread to this species.

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    Nice fish. They don't like to be kept with agressive fish. They aren't very longlived and are jumpers! Keep them single or as pairs. 'Schools' like often seen in lfs's don't last very long: they'll start to fight after some time. Then, only 1 or 2 are left.

    I like these most of the Nemateleotris-family. In some of the lfs I frequent they even have N. helfrichi for sale mostly. I like rare fish, but I think N. magnifica is the most beautiful. Specimens from Eastern Africa tend to be larger and tend to have some more orange in the spine on the back.
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