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  • All about fish

    What do the zeovit users feed their fish? Frozen, pellets, flake. Do you find one goes better with zeovit?

    What about stocking levels, how many fish do you keep in how much water? What are your favourite fish.

    This is a bit of an open chat about the often forgotten fish in a zeovit system.

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    I'm feeding frozen and pellets , around 8 fish in the tank from 450liters . Favourite ones are Anthias species.


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      I’d love some anthias but need a bigger tank. That is not many fish in that size tank, do you plan to add more? What fish are they??


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        I have feed most of my fish with frozen food which was enriched with vitamins and amino acids in addition to algae flakes for the herbivore and some flake feed from time to time. I feed them targeted while the pumps where switched off to prevent food floating in the decoration.

        Fish stocking level was on the higher side as I was able to keep nutrients stabile low as the tank had a strong biology and a effective skimmer.

        My favorite fish are tangs and angels because of their personality, I also like schooling fish like apogon and anthias for example.



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          I do like tangs, however my tank is not big enough for more than one.

          I have developed an eye for butterflys, however my tank is too small and I have LPS which might not go well.

          I feed frozen and pellet with a little flake. Oddly my tang does not care for nori, and it stops my skimmer working until its removed from the tank.