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We are missed already.............

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  • We are missed already.............

    I have noticed a TON of banning going on lately at RC... If they keep that up that site will be run into the dirt.

    Yea for

    Peace all, Jeff

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    Well, Jeff, I don't know that we're missed but this forum is Heavenly--one can comminicate to one another w/o the barbs, flames & bashing that was evident on the other forum ZEOvit is so effective, I no longer worry about TN occurring overnight when the morning lights are turned on Maybe this IS Heaven Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      Thing is, they are the dominant player, they are the Microsoft of the aquarium chat site world, and like microsoft they can flex their muscles and pretty much do what they like, including bullying other smaller sites.
      But hey, I don't blame them, they've been successful, and it is their right to run their site however they want.
      Just that banning is a toothless tiger, they kill one user name and IP, the person just comes straight back with another. So that must be a frustration for them.
      I still do not though understand the logic of driving all the zeo users away to another site, then sweating because they don't like what is being said on the other site and trying to control it, when they could have kept all the zeo users at RC and under their control the whole time. However, who am I to critisize, they are the dominant player, so must be doing most things right.


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        Wasp, they were the dominant player.. Wait awhile longer and zeo will keep growing and growing.. Once some of the nay sayers see some real zeovit tanks they will soon be onboard.. We unlike RC will welcome them with open arms though... Frankly the peeps on this site and this site in general rock.. I only miss the for sale classifieds at RC anyways hahahaha..... Thats ok I have an alter ego myself.. Actually made a purchase yesterday from a guy on RC... So I guess all is well fro me hahaahah.....


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          Originally posted by gqjeff
          Wasp, they were the dominant player.. Wait awhile longer and zeo will keep growing and growing..
          Yes you're exactly right. That's why I said they done most things right. But attempting to stop zeovit in it's tracks was a mistake, all progress produces people that oppose it, but historically the progress happens anyhow.
          There are only two scenarios I see here. One is that they continue to adhere to their losing position, and slowly lose grip on being the dominant player, or the other is that they will change their position. The second one becoming more and more likely with the passage of time and realisation some of their mods got it wrong.
          The evil side of me would like to see them hold their current position, so I can smile when the day comes that they have to eat crow.
          Actually this is not much different to the politics in the property business


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            well, i think we shouldnt worry to much about RC, RC does what ever they want and we should be happy to have a forum where we can do what we want, i guess it works out for both sides


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              True .. Umm.. Kinda.

              RC have been attempting to control what is said on this site.

              Sad they feel they have to worry about this really.


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                Tried to do a search on RC lately? Pleeeese don't let that happen here.


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                  Originally posted by BruceP
                  Tried to do a search on RC lately? Pleeeese don't let that happen here.
                  No we are not cheap like that. Search will NEVER be restricted EVER!

                  Search on my zeo friends.


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                    The search feature is the only reason I go over there And yet 95% of the time it does not work---n:

                    Tank Specs:60g Cube SPS/Clam tank, ASM G1x Skimmer, DIY ZEOvit Reactor, 1x400w EVC 14k, Marine Life Aquatics CR-250 CaRx (RIP)

                    Not sure yet.....Build Thread to come!