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  • Shipping cars...

    Anyone have any experience with shipping cars around the country?

    Are there any good places to get online quotes? I went to a couple sites and in 24hrs I didn't get the promised quote...

    Just curious..

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    typically between 500-1000 to ship a car, if you want it in an enclosed its more. I shipped my old bike to Cali for $900 that included crate, pickup, dropoff enclosed trailor. I will see what one I used. go to ebay use the one they recommend, thats the one i used.


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      I tried to look on ebay but the link is broken.

      Where did you ship your bike from? If I did it in the summer/spring do you think its a MUST I got it enclosed? I'm going to buy used, nothing special.

      I want a bike painted like yours, that orange is my favorite color and that bike is HOT :flame:


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        I will find it for you. I shipped if from indiana to LA. It was in November, it was still nice out, with a bike it has to be inside hehe.. now a car i would do it inside for sure so no rocks hit it.

        They do a heck of a good job shipping for sure.

        That paint job was $11,000 so you may want to go factory lmao.. hehe.. It was House Of kolor paint, there are 5 different colors in there with the ghost flames, etc. 1/2 pint is $450.00. Go with a cheaper paint, Dupont is really good, it would be half of what it cost me. But house of kolors is the best of the best from what they say and I was a dumb butt and said sure ok haha.. But it turned out Beautiful. I will find some more pics of her.


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          Yeah more pictures for sure!

          I should my friend your bike on here and he about busted. He wanted all the information etc..etc. He thought it was an awesome bike.

          I didn't think about rocks hitting the car...good point!


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            I bought my trailer from a private party in Indiana. It cost me $900 to have it hauled to CA. That was on a flatbed though with a estimated delivery time of 60 days. They wanted to be able to work it into the schedule. The last car was a 55 Chevy 2 door post car and it cost 1,100 in an enclosed trailer.

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              Ok, well shipping is a little more then I expected, but I should have expected it to be more

              Thanks guys!


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                I shipped my GrandSport up to be from Orlando to Indiana for $500....No problems at all.
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                  Really? Dang that seems cheap!