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Some finished pics of the new floor...

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  • Some finished pics of the new floor...

    Well I snapped some pics at lunch today of my tank with the new red t5 bulb and thought I would snap a few of the new floor we just got finished. It took my about 7 hrs of cleaning and scrubbing to get the slate clean again after the grouting. I guess I was just anal but after what we spent I wanted it to be the best it could. Le tme know what you think. We put about 375 sg feet of it in the upper living room and upper hallway..

    Here is how the floor looked before the grout and all my finishing and sealing.

    Peace, Jeff

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    Jeff, one question, did you really do this or is this one of those deals where the wife did the work, but we take the credit?j/k Very nice, my good zeo-buddy Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      HEHEEH well not this time I did all the fianighing work but payed to have it all installed. I think it turned out great and since the main living room is below it with the tank the slate does not get cold at all.. Realy turned out good...

      TY much Bob, Jeff


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        Jeff, that is sweet! I really love the look - and it matches your pup! Looks great bro!


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          Love the pooch and the floor looks great as well. I am thinking of going with slate as well when I re-do some flooring here.


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            Thanks everyone.. The wife and I really love the look and bought some new stuff for the room this past weekend...