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  • Anyone see this?

    I can't believe my wife just made me watch the movie of the year[not] "Napoleon Dyanamite" Did anyone else want to admit seeing it?

    1)Cathy & Bob

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    Yep I saw it Bob. The funny thing is when you watch the movie, its not that funny, but when you talk about the movie with others its hillarious, weird. Its just one of those movies I guess

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      Loved some weird sort of way. Gotta love the dance scene. I had the pleasure of watching it with my class...12 boys with high functioning autism/aspbergers syndrome...little frickin geniuses. So they made it quite amusing.


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        Haha, yeah that movie was nutz! You have to watch it like 4 times before your laughing till you cant breathe for some reason (not me this is what I hear =)).

        I love when he slapped Kip in the face after he told Napoleon hes training to bee a cage fighter =).


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          I loved it. The first time you watch you just keep thinking "What is this" after that it's just flat out funny. I think the funniest characters are Uncle Rico and Kip. Too many funny scenes to list but the steak toss had to be up there as one of the best.


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            yeah the first 2x i saw it I thought it was horrible but then it grows on you
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              That movie is one of my all time favorites, but for some reason, I don't know why. I have it recorded on the DVR, but I am hoping to get the DVD for Christmas.

              Did anyone else pick up on the beginning part where they show the names of the people on the food - each dish appears in the movie at one time or another...


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                Tina you fat lard eat you food.. godddd!