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  • Another Valentines thread

    Ok, so it's on Monday. I personally think it is a Hallmark holiday, but I don't want to spend an eturnity in pergatory. I have dinner reservations at the Melting Pot for Monday night (pretty swank place). This weekend, I figure we will hit a vineyard or two. And probably on Sunday catch a movie. So I am kinda of stretching this across three days. But I almost feel like it is not enough - you know? I was thinking of getting a card to give to her on Saturday to let her know it is all part of Valentines Day. I was also thinking of showing up at her work on Monday afternoon with some flowers. So what do you think? Overkill? Not enough?

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    I've discovered in the past 8 years of marital bliss,theres no such thing as overkill on valentines day or birthdays
    It's sounds like you setup a real nice 3 days