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  • Fantasy Week 5

    The saga of my lame team continues. I agonize dover adding Kelly Holcomb and Eric Moulds to my starting lineup this, instead I go with Daunte Stallworth, without Joe Horn in he should see major action. But nooooooo, Aaron Brooks continues to be the worst quarterback in the league, well I guess there may be a few others out there but really, he does suck completely. The computer generated team I have is the complete worst set of matter what I try and do...I thought adding Trent Dilfer and his wide receiver might do some good. He has been playing well. So in tandem both Dilfer and Brooks throw there 2nd interceptions of the day within the same minute. Oh My God, this has to be the worst Fantasy year I have ever had....seriously, I've been playing for years and it has never been this bad. I have never had the computer pick for me either....but still I set the lineup up each week. I cannot get it right to save my life. Good luck to you front runners, You'll probably have a "W" when you play my rag tag team each week. It's no fun....even when I have a decent week the team I play has there best week yet. I thought about just letting it go, not bothering the rest of the season as it is so bad...but I am a competitor so next week I'll be back at the stats trying to figure out what to do .

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    Tell me about it. I picked my players, well most of them, but I got into the draft kind of late. Anyway, i'm sucking pretty bad too. Who knew Marvin Harrison wouldn't get a TD pass until last week? He's always a gold mine. My RB's are terrible. I have Rothlisberger, Breeze, Moss, Harrison as my playmakers so you'd think i'd be pretty decent. But in fantasy you have to have a good RB and mine just aren't doing anything.


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      I am thinking about joining a competitive quilting league next year instead....
      Fish eat poop....tastes just like chicken.


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        O'man the lady's of the quilting league are going to love you Gary, All you young and healthy .


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          At least I have a stud running back...should be two studs, but poor Deuce can't do much with the offensive line caving in every play or so. Well, we shall see how it all pans out, then back to the drawing board.

          Madison, I thought you had a pretty decent team but you've been hit with some low production from big production guys

          Hey Gary, I hear those quilting leagues can get real nasty, they have very sharp tools at their disposal. Although with your charm and smile...


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            Who is Ho Train??????

            And why didn't I play Terry Glenn this week? My other wideouts did NOTHING
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