Disclaimer: Mike is not a psycho just a concerned owner of life and property, proceed to thread

Tonight after working 14 hours I was on my way home. The drive seemed pleasant enough. The usual boring drive home. I was about 5 minutes from home when a car that was following behind me sped up to like 70 on a 45 MPH road and roared past me. Ok no big deal just kept on driving along. I notoced taht they were slowing down and when we reached the stop sign they were crawling. I started to get concerned thinking about a car jacking or some other rediculous scenario in my head. Well they kept going super slow so I passed thinking these people are morons.

They sped up so I breaked hard to let them pass again then they slowed back up. by this time I am almost home so I turn in and drive. they seemed to disappear and I had a good idea where they went. I wanted to get an address just in case so I drove forabout another minute and sure enough there they were dropping of a girl. Now there were two couples in the car so I am thinking these fools are tow punks out to impress there high school sweet hearts! Needless to say I did not go back to my sub but instead waited to see them pass as I sat with the lights off so I could go back and write down the address in case I needed to make a police report for dmaages to property from teenage idiots.

This experience has made me rethink personal safety, CCW permits (I see the point now), and surveilance cameras outside to record idiots in action.

I blows my mind that I had to deal with this. I did not want the fools to know where I lived so when they came back looking that is why I hid in an empty sub with the lights off and just watched them.

What are things coming too?

72*36*24 (270 gallon Reef)
Ordered from the FishDocs in Ypsilanti
48*30*18 (dual flow custom sump)
Ordered from teh FishDocs In Ypsilanti
3- 250 SE 20K for tank
1-250 SE 20K for frag area
4 - 36 Inch VHO
H&S A-200 external skimmer
Red Sea Ozonizer
3- Luminarc III reflectors
Reef Ceramics Rock
Schuran Jetstream 1 CA Reactor
Neptune II controller