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Life at 600 degrees Fahrenheit

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  • Life at 600 degrees Fahrenheit

    How do you guys feel about life existing at 600 degrees fahrenheit in our deep ocean waters? Not sure if some of you know, but animals were found in the deep water oceans... thousands of feet down where temperatures were not cold, but extremely HOT. Shrimp, crabs, etc all living in these temperatures. Bacteria living off of sulfur instead of what we all were taught which was life can only exist where there is sun. I thought this was an extroardinary find a while back and hope to hear more about this in the future.

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    Here's a cut/paste reading material:

    On the bottom of the ocean around deep-sea hydrothermal vents, there is a profusion of life that thrives on the hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas released from the vents. Some of the most impressive of the creatures that live here are the giant tube worms, which can grow up to eight feet long. These tube worms grow in large clusters around the vents and live inside hard, shell-like protective tubes that attach to the rocks. They live in a symbiotic relationship with a bacteria that may hold clues as to how life on earth began billions of years ago. These worms lack mouths, anuses, intestines and stomachs, and scientists were at a loss to explain how these tube worms were getting nutrients to survive and grow. It turns out their insides are lined with bacteria that oxidize the H2S, turning it into usable nutrients for the worms. The bacteria, in turn, benefit from the relationship because the worms deliver blood containing hemoglobin which helps the bacteria to break down the sulfides.

    Up until the discovery of these incredible bacteria (able to withstand the hottest temperatures of any other living thing on earth), scientists didn't believe it was possible for anything to survive in the extreme environment around deep ocean vents (extreme pressure, high temperature, no sunlight). The discovery of the deep-sea thermal vents and the communities of life they support has completely changed the way we define life, perhaps going a long way to explain how life on earth first began.


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      Folks, it's so nice to have Edward around Bob
      "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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        thank you for the read, very intresting,