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About Smile I do not understand..

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  • About Smile I do not understand..

    I understand most of smile but some of them I do not understand
    when I can use...for example.........

    wned: (owned?)

    Could you tell me about them?

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    These smilies are to be used as funny gestures. the first couple you posted do not work, so forget about them.

    the "you're banned" might be used when someone says something silly, weird, or even maybe mean. It's meant like they are being banned from but of course it's only a joke.

    the "repost" might mean that you do not understand what they are saying, or they posted something that doesn't make sense or posted pics that did not load correctly.

    "Brown Noser" is a term used when someone is extra nice to another person only to gain friendship because it makes them look better or they have something to gain. Example: Say I invent a new zeovit reactor. Then someone sees my post about it and starts saying how cool it is, and what a great person I am, or whatever. Then you could use the "brown noser" smilie. The term comes from another term we use in the US, called a "butt kisser", don't ask, lol.

    "i'm with stupid" is again something you would only use as a joke, and mostly with someone you know or are friends with. Example. someone asks a question about what lights to use. I post that they should use 20K bulbs. If you agreed with me, you could post "i'm with stupid". It makes fun of me, but at the same time, says that you agree with what i'm saying. Hope that helps.


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      Oh~~ Thanks Madison...

      I understand what they mean...