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  • PM issue

    I don't know if anyone has brought this up yet, but there is a problem with private messages. When I log on, it says I have new messages and asks if I want to display them (like every other message board) but when I click Yes, nothing happens.

    Just something else to add to your TODO list. I know it takes a long time to get all these little tweaks done when setting up a board.

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    mike, we disabled your PM's and that is what you are suppose to be seeing. We found out that you are sending illegal information to the KBG in Russia. We have intercepted all of your PM's and now have a couple of Secret Service people around your area. Dont try and escape as you are worth millions with or without your head. This is a warning.



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      Oh, I sure hope you're not sending my PMs to the KGB...I was discussing the creation of a super human race using ZEOvit...


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        I guess that's better than another reef-related site I go to, where the admin is known to read other people's PMs.


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          Edward reads my PMs, I think he found out me and tonka talk about his **** via PMs so hes gotten noisey.


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            You guys are discussing his **** in PM's? You mean you didn't join the mailing list?


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              Damn, I guess we missed that memo..

              We got carried away superimposing her on other pictures we found on the net