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My day of Fun turned into this!

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  • My day of Fun turned into this!

    Took a day off to go fourwheeling in a friends JEEP. We left about 8am ot head out to Uwarrie National Forest here in NC. At about 7pm on the last trial out and about 1/4 mile from the exit, This was the outcome. Luckily no one was hurt(except for my friends pride). Enjoy the pics. Sorry no pics while it was upside down on the trail, he just couldn't bare them.

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    Happy no one got hurt--a little ego reduction periodically is healthy. Tell your buddy that....
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      Ouch, seems like things almost always happen towards the end of the day

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      Not sure yet.....Build Thread to come!


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        you need to get your buddy one of those [upside_down]'If you can read this, turn me right side up'[/upside_down] bumper stickers


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          Woah dude, glad you're ok. Man does that bring back memories! I went to HS and College in Virginia Beach area and we used to go 4 wheelin down in NC all the time. We'd get drunk beach camping, wake up and nurse our hangovers, then go 4 wheelin in the dunes and in the sticks. The a bonfire ... repeat steps one through three ... I can't believe I lived through it. The off roading rule in Nags Head was you can take your truck wherever you can get it.

          I got your PM and no worries. Turn off your wireless phone and go fish, party and try not to get in any more rollovers. My shipment can wait, go get recharged!!! I got MACNA approved by the Mrs so I'll see ya in DC!