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To Site Admin, better visibility needed

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  • To Site Admin, better visibility needed

    I just did a search on Google, hoping to see this site come up.
    I entered the word "Zeovit", but after searching quite a few pages of results, this site did not come up. Now, many people interested in Zeovit would go to Google & enter Zeovit. This site would benefit from better promotion at search engine level.

    I see interested people posting at the sponsor forum at RC and understandably getting little response. There needs to be a good way to help them over here.

    Eventually a good portion of the reefing world will be using zeovit. The time to strike for site dominance is while the iron is hot - now!
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    yeah I did a search on 'Bubble King' and didn't turn up much. But I do see that meta tags are being used.


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      takes time, I have submitted the page, this site has been up less then a week, its going to take some time for the spiders/crawlers to find this place.. I am submitting the site daily.

      Thanks for the lookout.



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        yeah I wasn't sure if you had to submit or if google automatically searched the meta tags or what -

        glad you are on top of it scott


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          scott is always on top.. and usually on bottom.. or wait.. maybe sideways too.


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            Perhaps this thread was missed by the admins.




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              Heyp, it has been duly noted, but remember we're[] is less than a wk. old, with many "irons-in-the-fire" as I type. Thnx. for the suggestions & repost them again if eventually, some action with these seems tardy. Bob
              "There might be something to this ZEOvit"