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  • I have passed on

    Well im out of RC since i found it odd that the Mod there could use stuff from this forum and were not aloud to do so here and since i questioned him about it he peaced me out.
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    As the most wise Gomer Pyle used to say:


    Which Mod did you in? I would bet I could narrow it down to three, maybe even two, candidates.

    So, I suppose you were given no warning either, just the boot. They probably new you liked to use "snake ointments" on your tank, ha ha.

    They are very quick to say that all banning is done with a warning and with consultation with other Mods, but that is just not true, at least not entirely as many of us know.

    They will ban you without warning and you can't even bring that up since you have no way of defending yourself or contradicting what they respond with. Not really the kind of management I want to have anything to do with in any capacity.

    As far as consulting other Mods, I think that in many cases it is done after the fact between "buddies" that will not question each other, but, rather, give each other the blank check approval. That is why it is very easy to single out and guess which of the Mods you had your run-in with.

    They like to quote that they have a few "bad-apple" members that need to be culled out, but I contend that it is just the opposite, they have a few Mods that need culled and it would be in RC's best interest to get rid of that small group if they want RC to return to the valuable forum it used to be. As it is now, and to quote someone who's opinions mean more to me than any RC Mod, RC has increased in quantity, but not quality and there are other boards, such as this one, that are lower in quantity, but much higher in quality.

    RC is quickly becoming a forum of Newbies that all look to the Gods, I mean Mods, for their answers. The sad thing is that sponsors might prefer this type of forum as it probably means higher revenues for them.

    Well, they have lost another resource and the only thing I hope is that for every one of us they lose, five others will follow us for our advice/opinions.

    You wouldn't believe the number of private e-mails I received after I "moved on" with support and questions since they would not be getting my answer on RC. That made me feel better than anything some Mod might think.



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      Nick did show that they quoted this forum I didn't know that quoting this forum was bad though. Then a Team RC member made fun of one of Nick's threads but nothing was done. I viewed that as an attack...


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          LOL, Juppy, hiding your response?


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            lol, just vented briefly. Made me feel a bit better



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              people can disguise ridicule and digs as questions and get away with it. As soon as you try to expose it, your booted???


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                GregT, I was never warned or anything. I tried to log in 1 day and was banned.. You are LIEING about this and you know it.. Again if you say we are being babies then show me 1 PM ever or EMAIL that warned me EVER...The only emails you have from me where after u banned me. I was a a good citizen and you do not want to blelive that.. I am like Mike.. I had over 50 PM and emails after I was banned. Hell they even made a post about me being banned on RC and you deleted it after about 20 min and there were 15-20 posters already asking why? SO I ask you again WHy was I banned? I would LUV to reply to the zeo thread but am unable to... I am sorry for posting this here users and mods but I am sick and tired of gregt lieing about warnings and what not.. This is simply NOT true and he KNOWS it... Again I hope to see u at IMAC. I would love to talk to you about reefing. Hell if I never told you my allias I know you would think I am a good guy and hear to help cause I am.. I just get tired of you saying we are the ones who do all the wrong. Hell on the thread a non zeo user called u out saying u r the biggest problem in the thread. All I ask is look in the mirror sometime.. Its easy to hide behind a computer...


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                  (Hell on the thread a non zeo user called u out saying u r the biggest problem in the thread)
                  I missed that, do you have a link?


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                    was prob deleted to be honest..........

                    to keep the thread going in the desired direction.........i mean the direction that the mod wanted to keep it going in.
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                      Originally posted by juppy
                      was prob deleted to be honest
                      I figured it would have been.

                      Did you see what PUGRoyale posted? It got deleted rather quickly.


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                        missed that one i think


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                          no one else posting then?


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                            Originally posted by thrlride
                            (Hell on the thread a non zeo user called u out saying u r the biggest problem in the thread)
                            I missed that, do you have a link?
                            that was me I simply said that due to his strong feeling he could not be impartial as a Mod should. I then edited my post and deleated it after he made a nice but dissarming PM to me. Mind you no threats but made me feel bad. Plus since I have had about 5 warnings I did not want to push the issue.

                            NICK!!! I'm sorry dude I must say what a bunch of BS. RC is not what it used to be.


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                              strange I almost resent being called a "ZEOhead in traning"