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  • Honeymoon...

    Hi~ all~
    I will get married to my girfriend on October 8th
    and we plan to go to Europe for honeymoon..

    But We do not have much time to all area of europe.
    because of different business schedule of us
    (of course we do not have enough money)
    We have just a week. If Except flighting time, We can tour during
    4~5days...For convenience Travel, I contact to the travel agency.
    and they have some programs...
    By the programs,we must choose two country.

    My girl friend wanna go to paris. so I decided to go paris..
    I do not know which is better between Italy and Switzerland.
    Both are so beautiful countries I know....and I have been to these
    places for tour about 10years ago..

    If you should choose one of them, What is your choice?

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    congrats vince!

    sorry i cant help you pick though


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      my choice would be italy, rome, pisa, venice, since i have never been there i like switzerland myself, but its not much different as germany, so italy would be my choice for vacation


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        Why not see all you can of one country, many different sites in France. Then make promises to each other and set a date for the next vacation to visit another country on your anniversary.
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          I'd prefer Italy over Switzerland but if you have only 5 days and Paris is a must I'd stay in France, otherwise you'll spend more time in the airport than enjoying your honeymoon

          Italy will have much better weather than France in October though, it will be cold and wet in Paris in October so do consider if that matters.
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            Italy is more interesting in terms of the cities and stuff than switzerland. The swiss countryside is prettier IMO though. Switzerland is an interesting place to visit nonetheless. It's a very "precise" place....the Italians could use a little bit of that running their trains and what not.

            Regardless for just one week Paris and Versailles etc...could keep you occupied EASILY. Just figuring out the arrondisements will take a week. I will be in Paris this Sept most likely myself.
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              Funny you should ask...I just got back from my 20th wedding anniversary trip to Europe: we went to London, Venice, Florence(and Pisa) and Rome. Prior to this we hadn't been to any of those.

              Italy was spectacular. I'm not exaggerating when I say I want to move there. The people were great, food was great, the sites were great. I love Venice, easily my favorite. Florence was wonderful, and Rome was great as well. For our 25th we plan on visiting southern Italy and Greece.

              I've been to Paris, Geneva, Vienna...I liked them all, but Italy is hands-down my favorite.

              You'll be happy wherever you's a honeymoon, so how much time do you plan to spend outside of your hotel room anyway.