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  • Just A Suggestion for the Mods

    Hi there guy’s, first of all a big thank you for such a wonderful, informative and friendly site.

    I was just thinking if it would be possible to add quick links to some of the more used forums, such as pictures, lighting, general discussion etc, that would always be on top of the page that you are viewing. Other than having to click then forums and then select.

    Not sure if this is possible but it would be quite a cool feature to enhance a already brilliant site. :roll:
    Anyway, use it, don’t use it just my lazy 2 cents worth.

    Well done and thanks again for everything!!!


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    Hi Christiaan, generally, I'll use "New Posts" button to bring up all the latest threads that are listed in order of the last post submitted. How are you doing with ZEOvit in S.A.? Thnx. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      Hi there Bob

      Things are going ok, a little slow but I am waiting for my flyers to arrive that I will drop of at all the LFS. I have also taken some advertising banner space on some of the local forums. Unfortunately South Africa is a little backward and as I am sure, if anyone you can understand the mythology behind some of these stubborn reefers…. Snake oil “hissssssss’ But saying that my tank is looking awesome, don’t mean to sound vain but defiantly one of the best sps tanks I have ever seen in real life. No prove like seeing the product work first hand.

      I am planning the big 2000g system at the moment on which I am going to be running ZEOvit, unfortunately it will only be build next year together with a new kitchen, however I have almost finish the back of house room, 3 x 100g tanks, 1x300g technical sump, 10x 30g quarantine tanks, 2x t5000 aqua medic skimmers. Work bench ro/di units in, plus more.

      I need quite a bit of help and suggestions so I am going to put up post this weekend including pictures of the lab and what I want to do for the main display, would really love your advise and input on that thread when I get it up.

      I hope that you are well, and that your sps glow in the dark by now! Talk to you soon


      Oh BOB Bye THE WAY

      LOL Sorry to hear about that, it is Definitely there loss and our gain !!!!!


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        Thnx. Christiaan, I look forward to the thread. RC has become too political, with moderators flaming members on a regular basis Bob
        "There might be something to this ZEOvit"