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So it's final's week and I have a rant..

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  • So it's final's week and I have a rant..

    Introduction to Macroeconomics. Wow do I hate this class. I go to the professors to try and see how the final is going to be laid out, she tells me 'only a few questions on the new stuff, focus mainly on the older stuff'. Well great I did pretty good on the older stuff! I get to the exam, 50 questions total, 30 = new stuff, 20 = old stuff. That's a little more then a couple of questions and boy did she go indepth on some of them. I really feel like she screwed me heh.

    On a good note, Logical Ciruits and Microprocessors, I could no for the life of me figure out this enormous state diagram I had to build. My professor walks over and hands me the answer "Does yours look like this?", so I tell him the truth "hell no"; "Ok come to my office tomorrow(friday) and we'll go over it and I'll give you full credit". Even though he was always kind of a crappy teacher he sure made up for my econ professor

    Now I have one exam left, Database Systems, 2 question. Defining Constraints in a 30-40+ table oracle DB and building a 20-30+ table in oracle from a paper form.

    Then it's home sweet home!

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    quit your bishing and get on the road!!!


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      Sean... Here's an option.

      “People are very open-minded about new things - as long as they're exactly like the old ones.”
      ...Charles F. Kettering


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        Steve too funny!!
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          Get on the road? No thanks, I'm tired of driving, I'm flying out of savannah tomorrow at 5am.


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            that's cool - much easier than driving!


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              yup yup


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                I hear ya Sean, my finals are just over---- I failed my Organic Chem final which means I take the class again horrible. I definatly know what you are going thru

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