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  • Do you like this phone?

    We are thinking about getting these for our work.. do you guys like em?

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    My custom has one and so does a friend. They are nice, but they say they are pretty bulky and not as useful as they had thought.

    In my opinion, I'd like to have my PDA and phone seperate.

    What exactly is your company? Just curious...


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      Junk, I had one for 3 days, sold it on ebay.. POS..

      If you want a PDA/Phone go with the Sony Ericsson P910a or 910i. I have then 910i and its the best phone out there. I also have a Motoroloa MPx220 that I got for my wife, not a pda but its a smart phone with windows ce.. very nice..

      Skip the 650 its junk, if you have to have palm which I hope you dont go with the 600 but you loose bluetooth.. See if they will go with SE


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        Wow! I heard a lot of good things about them and then this! ... it for IT support


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          you wont be happy. you will drop a lot of calls, the ringer is not loud at all.. look into the se, i wont lie to you bro.


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            You do IT support?

            Thats cool, I do IT, want to support me with some $$?


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              Edward, I have been using the TREO 600 for a while. The features are nice for office applications. It's easy to check my web-based e-mail (when the server is working right... ) and it's nice to have your contacts (if you use Outlook). But I really hate the sound quality, it's hard to understand people sometimes...
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